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    This will be my log of a 4 week Boladrol cycle of 8mg a day split into 2 different doses 4mg in the A.M. and 4mg in the P.M. both of these doses will be taken just 30 min. prior to a workout. I will be doing two a day workouts most of the time, but if my body needs rest I will listen and will still take the dosages the same probably 6:30 A.M. & 3:00 P.M.
    History on myself - I started lifting light very early in life. I was skimming muscle mags and doing training since I was 8yrs. old, but I really started lifting strong around 13-15. Like so many of us do between injuries and real life situations I have had to start and stop lifting many times. I never truly got my diet in order till about 3 years ago though, but once again this always seems to come in question around this time of yr. Being a bodybuilder was a dream since I was young, but so was the military so I served 10yrs in the Army where my group of leaders would not allow me to bulk up cause of health risks and needing to be quick on my feet. Well I am now out and have been slowly putting on mass. I have ran many stupid and uneducated cycles when I was young and have ran many educated ones since but have only ran two small cycles or so in the last 2 yrs. or so. I have done plenty of PH cycles as well and fell in love with Superdrol and Decabolin. So I am curious to see how this will stack up against them. By the way I do not work for PHF and am in no way being payed or compensated for this testing log I am providing about PHFís Boladrol product. These are all my own thoughts and views for better or worse about this compound and hopefully will be looked at as such.
    Training - I was training in a DC style training here recently, but for this TEST run of Boladrol I wanted something I could really try and measure at the end and I think I will use this on other cycles if successful on this run. My plan is to put on as much clean bulk as I can I donít mind a little bloat here and there or a few lbs. of fat but I really want it to be mostly nice muscle mass that I can keep after my cycle, so I will be doing lots of cardio type training in the mornings that include full body workouts such as ply metrics, calisthenics, balance, speed, cardio, aerobics, yoga, Pilates and core training. I have not done this training for the last month or so, so itís going to be a bit hard to get back into but itís what is best for me. I know itís probably not what some want to see, but for me it is something that makes me feel good, in shape, balanced, and healthy throughout life and it will give us another way to gauge this product I think for not only us Bodybuilders but all types. That is my morning workouts which can run from 45min to 60min. Now for my evening workouts I will be working on just Strength and Bodybuilding so here is where the heart will be.
    My evening training will consists of basic movements for MASS this will include chest, back, and legs only. It is not going to be set where I will tell you I am going to do this number of sets for this muscle group on this day every week because this is not what I believe in. Listen to your body and hear what its saying. So there maybe some days where I say ya know what Iím just going to stretch and thatís it. I need sleep and guess what I will sleep. Iím not going to punish my body when it is tapping out cause I donít want any more injuries and am looking for a healthy nice, clean, built body all the way around for years to come. I will give you all particular exercises that I will do, if I do train that body part that day. I do not conform to any certain number of reps every time although you will find they will probably line up pretty close most of the time. Also there will be extreme myofascial massaging and DC and FST 7 style stretching along with yoga type stretching. I believe in this deeply to build mass and make room for your new broken down and found muscles to fill into. I will list exact exercises and stretches later.
    DIET & NUTRITION - I am not a stickler on my diet and would not even call it a diet so there will be sometimes I might have an extra potato or some extra beef in the middle of the night cause even though I am over weight right now and not near what I wish to look like I need the meat on my body and if my body asks for it I will give it what it needs. Not talking about bored or depressed eating but true hunger.
    Truth is I have been off my eating ritual since thanksgiving in which I put on an extra 7% of fat almost since. Not good, but I have put on some needed muscle as well. I believe in staying pretty lean but Iím ok where Iím at just as long as I can keep some of this new found weight as muscle in the end. Ok so my stats I shall list later on but I will give you a good idea of my diet.
    Protein is 40%, Carbs 30%, and Fat 30%
    406gr 347gr 146gr
    1,625 1,389 1,311 Calories
    Total Ė 4,326 calories
    Resting Metabolic Rate Ė 2,180 Calories
    Total Daily expenditure at the very least Ė 3,473 Calories
    7AM - Training
    8AM - 6 whole eggs, beef or chicken, 2 slices bread, Protein Shake, Banana
    10AM- Brown Rice, Light Protein Shake, Apple
    12PM- Lean Beef, Green Beans, Salad w eggs and chz
    2PM - Grilled Chicken, Peas, Asparagus
    3PM - Maltodexterin, Orange
    3:30PM Training
    4:30PM - 4slices of wheat bread or Sweet Potato, Tuna, Apple, scoop of Peanut butter & Protein Shake
    7PM - Turkey, Peas, Salad, Grapes, Fat Free Pudding
    9PM - Casein/Whey Protein Shake w a scoop of Peanut Butter
    On Sundays I can eat all the carbs I want. Every week or 2 I will take out a little bit of carbs and add protein till itís time I slowly start to cut weight down. But Carbs will not be low till awhile after this Boladrol Cycle. So that is it give or take somethingís switched here or there some days thatís pretty much the bread and butter of the bread and butter.
    Supplements Ė Life Cycle, Glutamine, Liv-52, multi vitamin, Vitamin C 3g, Calcium & Magnesium, BCAAís, Amino liquid, Cod liver oil, flax seed, and caffeine pills before some workouts/ Blue Emu and Bio Freeze for injuries and joints. I also have armidex, and Nolva just in case it is needed. No kinds of aspirins or anti inflammatory, pain meds or muscle relaxers which Iím prescribed, but wonít take cause of the oral PH.
    Example of Routines Ė Afternoon Workouts
    Monday Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
    Back Legs Chest Back Legs Chest .
    Deadlifts Squats Dips Deadlifts Squats Dips
    Bent over row Leg curls Dec press Bent over row Leg curls Dec press
    Pull ups Standing calf Incline Flyes Pull ups Standing calf Incline Flyes
    Pull Overs Pull Overs
    I will always use 3 things in every routine for Chest I would always use Dips, A pressing exercise, and a flying exercise. For back I will always use a Deadlift, Rows, and some type of pull down or pull ups. For Legs it will be simple a Quad, Hamstring and Calf exercise in each workout. All workouts will probably be 30 to 40 minutes long. I will just let you know what exercising I do each Morning they will all have strength and endurance exercises in all the morning workouts fasted.

    Resting HR- 55
    Pull ups- 4 perfect form not stopping
    Vertical leap-17in. standing still
    Toe touch Stretch -7 in. past feet
    Electric chair-75 sec
    Push ups- 29 perfect form and no stalling
    Bicep Curls- 12 Reps w/ 50 lbs on bowflex
    In & Outs-37 reps
    Jumping jacks fast for 2min then sprint through last 30 sec of them
    Ending HR-165, 1min later 120, 2min later 110, 3min later 96, 4 min later- 97
    I do not do maxing out regularly on my lifts cause of injuries I will give you guys some extra lifts though to also see strength increases.
    These had to be done on my bowflex cause of timing so I will finish moves for last strength readings on it as well. I will be using regular gym dumbbells and weights as well though.
    Squats-80lbs. on each side with 3 sec negatives 30 reps- have to stay light cause of back and knee problems.
    Incline flyes-50lbs. on each side doing them with 3sec negatives 20 reps
    Flat bench-100lbs on each side with 3 sec negatives 15 reps

    STATS- 1-5-2011
    AGE- 28
    Height- 6í1.5
    Body Fat%-21.4%
    BMI- 32
    Stomach belly button-42.5
    Right arm relax-15.5in Flexed-18in.
    Left Arm- 15.5 Flexed-17.5in.
    Right Calf-16.5in.
    Left Calf-16.5in.

    RBC-4.0 L
    HGB-13.1 L
    HCT- 37.3 L
    NEUTR% 57.8
    LYMPH% 31.0
    MONO% 8.6
    EOSIN% 1.8
    BASO% 0.8
    Glucose 106
    BUN 12
    Creat 1.4 H
    Sodium 139
    Potassium 3.9
    CL 106
    CO2- 25
    Protein- 7.4
    Albumin- 4.6
    Calcium- 9.5
    T-Bil- 0.9
    ALK PHO- 45
    AST- 27
    ALT- 25
    ANI GAP Ė 8.0
    Calc EGF Ė 67.4
    Trigly- 101
    Chol- 179
    HDL- 35
    LDL- 119

    BP 135/90
    My trial run starts on January 6, 2011 I will try to keep a daily log and will post pics later in the day.
    D BO

    Remember everyone, D BO is a fictional character for entertainment purposes only.

  2. Day 1 workout 1


    Push ups all different kinds 130 reps, Pull ups 29 reps, lat pull downs and rows 80 reps,

    Cardio 10 min jog, 300 reps different core exercises, stretching.

    Sorry guys my days and nights along with my workouts are gonna be all flipped upside down for the next few days so just deal with me and I will promise to give you guys a good log.

    No new difference really except maybe a little more pump in my chest but I think I just blasted the hell out of my workout.

    Time to refill and hit some legs up in a bit.

    Sorry I havent had time to resize my pics to put on AM but I have already taken them and will resize ASAP.

  3. Day 1 workout 2

    Squats 80lbs on each side 5x10 with 10 sec between sets DC Stretch

    Leg Curls 35lbs. on each side 4x10 with 10 sec between sets DC Stretch

    Donkey Calves 100 reps 10x10 with 15 sec rest between sets.

  4. Wow this is very detailed, looking forward to your results

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jaydollars View Post
    Wow this is very detailed, looking forward to your results
    Thanks man Im gonna try to do my best to let everyone know exactly how I feel and doing what.

  6. Day 2 Workout 1


    I didnít sleep to well last night, but then I rarely do. Today I did fasted sports like training, cardio, plyo, and jogging. Total length was 1 hour I was pooped at the end, but my muscles still have a very full feeling. Even though workout was very hard my workout seemed tranquil like yoga/calm type feeling. I like having this calm in control type feeling when doing such hard cardiovascular training. I have had a couple times where I kind of get this itchy feeling, not sure if this is due to product or not seeing how it is still very early in trial. Over all very good workout with good energy even on little sleep.

  7. Day 3 No workout
    245.9 lbs.
    Ok I had planned on hitting it hard today but because of some unexpected circumstances which led me to being up over 24 hrs almost working I decided to throw in the towel. Like I said if my body is not able to under go what I have planned I would rather not try to man my way through it like a hard ass and injure myself or do it for no reason or no gain. So I was trying to catch up on sleep the last 12hrs or so. I feel much better now, but I still doubt I go ahead and get one in till tomorrow. Iíll take this chance to regenerate myself and kick it in tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a p90x kind of shoulders and arms workout with some HIIT training and then in the evening hopefully a nice little chest workout.
    Now tracking my Boladrol, I have got a couple small headaches but again I was up with out sleep also so this could be a factor. I have not experienced anymore itching, but during my sleep earlier I had some trippy dreams man, and you talk about vivid man it was like I was there. No notice in aggression or libido yet as I have seen in some other logs though. On the good side I do feel a bit more full still even after not working out and resting. I really hate giving any kind of side effects yet though because they can be chalked up to pure placebo effect especially so early in the run. All in all everything is going well just needed my sleep.

  8. kill that **** bro!!!
    I'm doing a boladrol pulse.. on week 2 now..

  9. How's the ol' blood pressure treatin' you? That's my main concern with boladrol.

  10. you going to put before pic?

  11. looking forward to seeing how this cycle ends up, i'm thinking about a bolardrol/epi bridge but not totally sure yet, i'll definitely keep a close eye on this post!

  12. Day 4 workout 1
    248.3 lbs.
    Shoulders and arms I do a shoulder movement to biceps and then to triceps and repeat for a second set then move on to the next tri set of exercises with no break through the whole workout longer then 10 sec. warm up 10 min jog then stretch.
    Shoulder exercises Reps 1st 2nd Weight 1st 2nd
    Alternating shoulder press 15 15 50 50
    Shoulder press from waist up 12 15 50 50
    Side and rear flyes together 10 8 10 10
    Upright rows 13 12 50 50
    Front and side laterals straight arms 16 16 10 10

    Curl up hammer down 8 8 50 50
    Crouching concentration curls 10 8 50 50
    Static arm curls 16 16 50 50
    Standing alternating curls 8 8 50 50
    In and out bicep curls 16 16 50 50

    Two arm kickbacks 15 15 10 10
    Chair Dips 15 15
    Flip grip twist kick backs 8 8 10 10
    Lying tricep extentions 12 12 50 50
    Side tri rises 12 12
    DC style stretching for all 3 groups at the end for 1 min. a piece. I was Super tight

    10 min rest then 350 reps of ab and oblique exercises
    Man today was a great workout with a huge pump. My weight was up today which is good especially because my body is looking a little slimmer. I now know for sure the fullness im feeling is no placebo effect after this workout I know my body well enough to know I donít feel this pumped and full throughout my workouts and the days anything like this. Iím getting excited cause I can just feel my body growing it feels like. Iím very glad I took that rest earlier it was well worth it. Now itís time to refuel again and hit the chest if it feels right tonight. I am feeling great by the way, I think my BP might be up a little Iíll check it before next workout but for right now nothing else but good feelings.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by boricuarage View Post
    kill that **** bro!!!
    I'm doing a boladrol pulse.. on week 2 now..
    How is it going so far on your usage? Yea Ill be putting up my before pics I just been real busy. They have already been taken though after my next meal Ill try and go resize them.

  14. PICS
    Attached Images Attached Images        

  15. Quote Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy View Post
    How's the ol' blood pressure treatin' you? That's my main concern with boladrol.
    I felt it was a little high yesterday after workout but I normally run a bit high so no big deal unless it gets out of control. I checked it before the 2nd workout yesterday and it ran 135/78 which is better then when I began my cycle so no problem yet.

    Ill get my last workout logged in a bit and I will probably be doing Yoga later this morning.

  16. Day 4 workout 2
    BP 135/78
    Decline Press 80 lbs.-7x10 w/10sec rest between sets and 2 min rest after exercise
    Decline Fly 50 lbs.- 7x10 w/10sec rest between sets and 2 min rest after exercise
    Chair Dips- 7x10 w/10sec rest between sets and 2 min rest after exercise

    Rack Deadlift 155 lbs. Ė 5x10
    Standing straight arm lat pull downs 50 lbs. -5x10
    One arm cable rows 50 lbs. -5x10
    DC style stretching for both body parts
    The pump was great again, I can really feel my muscles working and contracting better with this stuff. My aggression during this workout seemed to be up a little but I havenít noticed it any other time. The itchy feeling came back for a few minutes again during this workout but went away soon. No other side effects or noticeable positives at this point other then the since of well being.

  17. how you like the DC stretching? I'm doing DC with my bola. DC stretching is crucial check out my log sometime.
    good luck.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by boricuarage View Post
    how you like the DC stretching? I'm doing DC with my bola. DC stretching is crucial check out my log sometime.
    good luck.
    I love it, been doing it for a pretty long time now, it never stops hurting.

  19. Day 5 workout 1
    I did yoga yesterday it was a bit hard since itís been about a month and a Ĺ since the last time I did it. My glutes are killing me from it. Nothing else much to report other then the gain of another pound of weight.
    Day 5 workout 2
    Just stretching performed for about 30 minutes felt very good.

  20. Day 6 no workout
    No weight
    Ok guys sorry I missed you yesterday but I started getting really sick and just took it off and tried to recover. Well as of today January the 13th I am still very much sick. I thought I had recovered but about 10 minutes into my workout I felt like vomiting and passing out. BP and everything was ok and it did not feel like it was from the boladrol, at least not to my knowledge yet. I believe I just caught the bug that everyone has been catching on the boards and around my town right now. Well I completed my workout except for my 300 reps of abs cause I would have puked. My workout was legs and back today at a very high pace with lots of Lunges and pull ups. Alright here was the workoutÖ..

    Day 7 Workout 1
    250.4 lbs.
    Legs and Back
    This workout took me about 30 minutes longer then usual today because of illness. Start with a 10 minute jog, 180 lunges, 135 squat jumps, 56 pull ups, 67 lat pull downs and other exercises as well but this is the majority done with short break periods. I felt like crap this whole workout, hopefully it will get better tomorrow. If not any better tomorrow it will be a pretty light day. So far 5 lbs. weight gain which appears to be solid.

  21. is that a birth mark on your right arm?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by manifesto View Post
    is that a birth mark on your right arm?
    No, ive just got it pasted over for my privacy is all.

  23. Day 8 Depressing
    No weight
    Workout 1
    Walked for 30 min. this morning and did 350 reps for abs today. I am still very sick and now more people around me are catching this crap too. I can barely eat because my throat is swollen. I really feel like crap I hope this hurries up and gets out of my system so I can get back to work. My a$$ is killin me from all those lunges and jump squats yesterday, I will never get used to those I hate them with a passion. My pumps and fullness hasnít felt the same since yesterday. Having headaches but once again Iím sick as hell and this could be the reason I started having headaches in the first place and not the boladrol. Anyways this is it for right now hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I can see some of my pumps back soon.
    After today I will be changing my dosing period to one tab every three to four hours till I hit 8mg a day.

  24. how you feel bro?

  25. hello?! anyone home?

  26. Hes also running a log on Pro Muscle

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  27. Quote Originally Posted by mmowry View Post
    Hes also running a log on Pro Muscle
    Sorry guys was very ill but im back now.

    Ok everyone not sure what day I am on at this moment I came down with Strep Throat and it kept me out of the gym till yesterday. All I have been able to do is rest and try and eat some soup and popsicles. I bumped down my dosage to 4mg a day because I didnít think it would effect me that long but was wrong and I didnít want to waste it and jump into PCT either. I had to take other medications for fever as well, but didnít feel any effects from these. I have started up my routine as of yesterday and have started back at my full dosage of 8mg. per day It depends on how things go but I might get some more so I can truly see the month long cycle. Ok my weight took a drop all the way down to 241 lbs. so that really sucks.
    Ok I left off on day eight so I will call this Day 9 as of yesterday.
    Leg Ext. 3x15 100lbs.
    Leg Curls 3x15 30.lbs
    Donkey calves 10x10
    Deadlift rack 5x10 155lbs.
    Walking 20min.

    Day 10
    Pulley lay down curls 3x8 60.lbs
    Pulley tricep extensions 3x8 60.lbs
    Side laterals S/S front raises 3x12 10.lbs
    Pull ups 4x 6
    Cable Rows 3x15 60.lbs
    Standing Calf raises 10x10
    My strength feels down but the weights show me as being stronger. I am still not 100% yet but I am much better I got my pump back today so hopefully I will get my weight back soon as well.
    Hunger is still a problem trying to put my food down on my schedule but im sure Iíll be back to normal here soon.

  28. Damn Strep Throat, thats been going around lately, get your focus back and good luck man.
    PHF Rep

  29. I feel yer pain man. I got really sick during the last week of my last run. I kept a nice solid 6-8lbs but, I know I could have held another 2lbs+. Let us know how well you bounce back from this.

    I noticed you said you have taken Superdrol in the past. Did you get lethargy with it or any other substance you have used? If yes, how does the Boladrol compare?

  30. Quote Originally Posted by specmike View Post
    I feel yer pain man. I got really sick during the last week of my last run. I kept a nice solid 6-8lbs but, I know I could have held another 2lbs+. Let us know how well you bounce back from this.

    I noticed you said you have taken Superdrol in the past. Did you get lethargy with it or any other substance you have used? If yes, how does the Boladrol compare?
    Yea I get really lethargic every time I take SD but with Boladrol it's nothing like this, I have great pumps-no back pumps I can't handle as of yet, and I am in a good mood with great energy(except when sick), I really like it. Strength so far is right up here with SD except I think I would have lost strength given my sickness on SD yet I added weights with Boladrol. Oh yea and the best part is my liver and kidney dont feel like they are dieing.

  31. 1-26-11
    Day 11
    Chest & Back
    Weight-245.3 lbs.
    Push ups Ė 156
    Pull ups Ė 37
    Lat pull downs Ė 81
    Rows Ė 84
    10 min. cardio
    Wow this was a hard workout but I am noticeably stronger even after being sick and not working out for so long. All lifts were up and time completed was down as well so endurance is up also. My weight is up from 241 to 245.3 so this is good hopefully I can add on the rest here soon.
    I got very light headed during workout and almost dizzy like not sure but just think I was really pushing it. My appetite is back now so this is another plus. Feeling good again just a bit sore after my workouts.

  32. 1-27-11
    Leg Curls 30 lbs. 5x15
    Sissy Squats 5x10
    Standing Calf raises 10x15
    Leg Extensions 50 lbs. 5x12
    Nice workout overall good pump all through workout and never lost pump from the other day. Aggression and temper are raising now and find myself not dealing with things the way I use to a bit short fused I would say. Libido is also raising and everything is looking A ok. Had small bits of joint pain in last workout but I was also performing sissy squats and my knees always hate those. Feeling of well being is good and no lethargy like SD, actually I would say Iím more energized and ready to go. I am once again very excited and eyeing getting some more to complete my study with. My appetite is back and raging out of control, I know weight gain is now not far away. I will get my weight sometime in the morning tomorrow. Sore still and ready to recover and wake up and get some more in the morning.

  33. 1-28-11
    Weight 253.2 lbs.
    I did the P90X plyo for my cardio today it was alright except my right knee was killin me still from all the sissy squats. I put some bio freeze on and finished out though. Anyways my legs are pumped along with my chest back and arms. I literally couldnít type sometimes today because they were so pumped. Very nice feeling but very sore still. Probably taken a break tomorrow or hittin some quick cardio and stretching and calling it good. My aggression is for sure up now and my weight jumped extremely. Yes I am holding water but still am happy and waiting for next workout even though my body tonight is saying give it a rest, if I have fuel to go sometime tomorrow ill get it. I wish I could have seen what would have happened if I never got sick.

  34. Day 14
    Weight 249.5
    Workout 1
    Cardio: Plyometric and interval training w/ Jump shoes on, calves feel huge and legs a bit sore but very nice 30 min. cardio session.
    Yea I was holding tons of water because I woke up today and lost a noticeable amount of weight from yesterday and was so thirsty I almost drank a gallon of water just when I woke. Other then that I feel really good, with great energy. I might get a small arm workout or something in tonight just depends on how I feel.

  35. I like that p90 plyo, and good to see your still pluggin along after that illness, honestly, Im actually kinda surprised it didnt put you totally outta comission, but Im pleased to see you're still going strong.
    PHF Rep

  36. Quote Originally Posted by RoadBlocK View Post
    I like that p90 plyo, and good to see your still pluggin along after that illness, honestly, Im actually kinda surprised it didnt put you totally outta comission, but Im pleased to see you're still going strong.
    Yea that p90 plyo does me in every time. I thought it might keep me out I was pretty bad, I just had to fight through it and slowly get back into the swing of things.

  37. 1-29-11
    Workout 2
    Did a 20 min run
    Arms: I did 3x15 of DB curls going 60lbs, 70lbs, 80lbs. I did a superset with a straight bar tricep pressdown 3x15 with the same weight 60lbs, 70lbs, 80lbs. Had a nice pump again and went almost straight to sleep.
    Day 15
    Weight 250.4 lbs.
    Workout 1
    Cardio: I did a 10 min. walk, 20 min. run and another 10 min walk.
    Workout 2
    Back: 3x10 in close pull ups.
    Seated Rows 100 lbs. 3x15
    DB Pull Over 30 lbs. 3x15

    Light workout today just didnít have the time really still feel good and looking pretty full.
    Appetite is going outrageous and cravings to eat bad crap is getting rough but I havenít, going to be trying to do some yoga and shoulders probably tomorrow.

  38. Ok guys still been really busy and this weather is making it hard to stay on track with all my stuff every other day were snowed in it seems.

    Alright so since last workout I went on to Day 16 on 1-31
    Shoulders & Arms
    Alternating Shoulder Press 2x15 w/55.lbs
    Inside and outside curls 2x16 w/ 55.lbs
    Two arm tricep kickbacks 2x15 w/10.lbs
    Curl up shoulder presses 2x15 w/55.lbs
    Full supination concentration curls 2x10 w/55.lbs
    Chair Dips 2x15
    Upright rows 2x15 w/55.lbs
    Static arm curls 2x15 w/55.lbs
    Flip grip tricep kickbacks both ways 2x10 w/10.lbs
    Two angled shoulder flys for rear and medial 2x10 w/15.lbs
    Crouching concentration curls 2x10 w/55.lbs
    Lying tricep extentions 2x12 w/55.lbs
    Straight arm front and side flys 2x16 w/10.lbs
    Standing curl up hammer down 2x8 w/55.lbs
    Side tri rises 2x12
    good workout great pump and nice energy

    Day 17 & 18 OFF

    Day 19 2-3-11
    Yoga hour and a half

    Day 20 2-4-11
    MMA Training 1 hour

    DAY 21 2-5-11
    45 min hard cardio session along with 45 min HIIT Leg training

    Day 22 2-6-11
    Chest and arms
    Not a lot of time only lasted about 30 min.
    No record of exact weights I just know I was still performing
    stronger again this day

    Day 23 2-7-11

    Weight as of Day 24 no workout this day yet 2-8-11 is 256.3 .lbs and this is about a 11.lb increrase I believe from start date but it is a 16 .lb increase from when I was sick from day 8 until now so this is all very good to me. Specially because I have been snowed in and being able to get outside or to the gym to workout has been extremly difficult the last 10 days or so. If I would never have been ill thus far I think we would have seen a lot better results to this point but oh well.
    I am getting some supply from my buddy so I can finish this cycle to day 30 hoping to make it to 260 .lbs
    Also I have started dieting down a tad since day 20 so the calories aren't near as high but still seeing good gains. No other problems to speak of at this time.

    Ok guys, last night I had a late workout and did again once again tody so here ya go.

    Day 24 2-8-11
    weight 256.3

    10min warm up jog
    190 lunges
    145 squat Jumps
    60 pull ups
    78 lat pulldowns

    Day 25 2-9-11

    1min rest between all sets
    Push ups 2x15
    Incline press 3x15,12,12 50.lbs
    Incline fly 2x15 50.lbs
    Flat bench 2x15 50,80.lbs
    Decline fly 2x20 50.lbs
    One arm pulley decline press 4x15,8,8,8 80,130,130,130.lbs
    DB Pullover 2x20 50.lbs
    Seated cable fly 1x25 w rest pauses 50.lbs

    Tricep pressdown straight bar 2x20,12 50,80.lbs
    Side Tricep kickout on pulley 2x10 50.lbs
    Reverse tricep pressdown 2x12 40.lbs

    Workouts were very good, energy was high and strength was good I could have went heavier on many of these lifts but kept it light because it was so cold. Im gonna try to give these last couple days my all though if weather permits. I also will be starting to take in creatine again within the next few days to help me through my PCT coming up.

  39. WOW!!!
    what an amazing log!
    awesome simply awesome...

    11lbs, is not too shabby.
    can you comment on water, fat and muscle gains?
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  40. so if you would have gotten sick how much weight would you have gained?


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