1. 1st cycle NEED HELP PLEASE

    ok first I'm 31 yrs old,6ft, 205 lbs, 18%bf, been lifting for years never gear though only many PH cycles. I know how to Eat and train but now wanna take it to the next level. I recently got the following supps and this is ALL i have and after hours of studying i KNOW i am probably missing some quanity and other items but I need to know how to best cycle what I do have for I CANT GET anything else now.

    I have DANABOL.DS 10mg x 200 Tablets
    i have SUSTANON 250. 12 x Ampules x 250mg/ml.
    I have (Clomid)10 Tablets x 50mg

    So please I need help but not a bunch of advise on what I need to add, unless it is otc, i cant get anything else, trust me. so if you had these items in your drawer how can I best use them? any help is appreciated!!

  2. i guess I should add, i also have some Superdrol, m-lmg, arienadextrin, hbomb, sterolpak, noexplode, animalpak, milkthistle, redyeastrice, hawthornberry.

    so add those in your plan for me if you think i should


  3. 50mg/day dbol - 40 days
    500mg/week test - 42 days
    50mg/day clomid - 10 days

    That's the best you can do with what ya got. I'd pick up either aromasin or arimidex. Those you can get.

    Are you able to get more gear in the future? If so, hold off and run some basic hdrol cycles in the mean time to shed some of that 18%bf.

  4. should i shed some fat first huh? ok..

    how much arimidex do i take and when? also do you think i will see some gains?


  5. You should def blow up from the dbol. The test at that dose won't be too bad but is way to short in duration. Play around with the a'dex dosing, but I ran it .25mg EOD. I'm more concerned to use it for control with the dbol, rather than the test...at that low of a weekly test dose, you shouldn't have issues.

    People will say to lose fat when you hop on, but if your diet is precise and in check then you should be good. I like to cut and drop bf while on test, rather than off. Remember, test promotes fat loss. It's very much depending on your diet how you will gain/lose..bulk/recomp.

  6. ok well i didnt know it would be that bad...i dont want to waste my time so it will be a while but lets say I COULD get a couple other items, what should i get and please specifically tell me when to add on what weeks...


  7. Ok HArry i took your advise and against better judgement ordered again.

    I now will have 30-20mg nolvadex tabs another box of clomid and 3 more weeks of Sust at 500 per week

    please set me up with a cycle! how do I proceed? manely witht the pct and when to start Nolva/clomid?

    should I front load Dbol? week 1-4?


  8. I also have a couple of hundred dbol, but I hardly use them, they cause so much water retention for me. I prefer it's East german sister, Turinabol, but I like to throw in the odd dbol before big workouts. The extra water lets me bounce those weights with impunity.

    You have everything for a decent, cheap safe cycle now. 31 is a good age to start this stuff, you are a proper man, and have earned the right to make grown up decisions. Your joints and tendons have had a few good years of training. Also, you will enjoy the testosterone, it's like being a teenager again.

    If it was me, I would take two 1ml test injections per week, for however many weeks you have test.That way, each butt cheek only gets one jab per week. The first couple ache, then you get better at them, and your injection sites stop complaining.

    Start off with 20mg per day of Dbol in the first few days, and see how bad the estrogenic effects are for you. If the pills can be split in two, I would do this and spread the dose out through the day. Up the dose if it suits you. Try not to use the Nolva yet unless you get itchy nips - save as much as you can for PCT.

    Sustanon has a bit of short ester in it, so will only take about 2 to 3 weeks before it kicks in (4 to 6 jabs). Most of the cycle will be just test. After your last injection, start the superdrol, which is quite a dry steroid, and run it for 3 weeks until you start taking Nolva and / or clomid for PCT.

    When you are running your PCT, you will feel a bit run down, and lose some weight (which was water). Keep training! (but just enough to get a muscle pump) Now is the time to throw in all those non-hormonal supplements, like creatine etc.

    That's just me, though. Its a bit like the classic test cycle with dbol kickstart, and winstrol/ anavar tailoff (only with superdrol instead). It sounds like quite a cool, cheap safe cycle. Good luck with it!

    The superdrol will help to solidify those watery muscles, and consolidate your growth.

    You will learn a lot from it, put on lots of muscle, and know exactly what you want next time. You will have a lot of dbols left over for next time. If you buy arimadex, you will be able to run a bigger dose of dbol in future without becoming a moon-faced bag of water with moobs. the arimadex will stop it forming estrogen, making it work like Tbol.

  9. Run Alpha T2, Green tea ECGC, L-carnitine, CLA and cut some fat before you run any cycle combo you have.

    18% BF is pretty high and you dont have any anabolics for cutting so i would lean out first.


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