H-DROL cycle critique - been researching for over 1 year

  1. H-DROL cycle critique - been researching for over 1 year

    To preface this large amount of information let me begin by saying I have been doing research for this cycle for about the last year or so. Having that said, a lot of time and thought has gone into this and therefore I have chosen H-drol due to its mildness and reputation as a good beginner prohormone.

    Some info about me, I have been lifting for about 3 years now in terms of workout I am pretty solid on that. I am a personal trainer so I already have a sound knowledge on workout routines. My diet is in check as well I am pretty fortunate because I Have access to a machine that runs a metabolic assessment at the gym I train at. What is does is measure your metabolism at rest and during exercise, which identifies the optimal number of calories you should eat each day and the optimal exercise intensity (heart rate) for you. So I have a nice breakdown of macro’s and calories needed to consume.

    I am trying to run this as a recomp so I am hoping to gain 7 or 8 pounds of muscles and drop 2% in bodyfat. Having that said Im still going to eat for bulk since obviously you cant gain weight on nothing. Im shooting for 4300 calories a day as clean as humanly possible.


    Height- 6’3
    Weight- 211 lbs
    Bodyfat- 11-12 %
    Age – 21 yrs old

    H-Drol Cycle Log

    Pre Cycle (2 week prior to start of H-drol)
    CEL Cycle assist (4 caps 2X daily)
    Hawthorne Berry
    Milk thistle
    Joint Support

    On Cycle
    CEL H-Drol 50/75/75/75/75/75
    Taurine (as needed for back pumps)
    CEL Cycle Assist (Throughout Cycle)
    Glutamine (5gm’s pre and post workout)
    Protein Shake (pre and post workout, 1hr prior to bedtime)
    Hawthorne Berry
    SAMe 200mg 1-2 x day
    NAC 600mg 1 x day
    ALA (anti-oxidant, liver support)
    Pumpkin Oil (prostate health)
    Animal Pak joint support
    Some NO product only for the days I feel lethargic

    Liquid Nova (20/20/10/10)
    Standardized Milk Thistle
    GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil
    Now® NAC
    Animal Pak joint support
    Cycle assit

    OPTION 2- PCT-Over the counter
    Reversitol 3/2/2/1
    Anabolic Innovations Post Cycle Support: 0/0/4/4/4/4 (2AM/2PM)
    Lean Xtreme: 0/3/3/3
    I3C(Indole-3-Carbinol) 200mg 3 times per day.
    Standardized Milk Thistle
    GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil
    Now® NAC
    Animal Pak joint support
    Cycle assit

    OPTION 3- PCT- Alternative with SERM
    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Inhibite 2/2/1/1
    T911 3/3/3/3
    Reducext 2/1/1 – is this a good cortisol blocker?
    Standardized Milk Thistle
    GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil
    Now® NAC
    Animal Pak joint support
    Cycle assit

    Also is it true grapefruit juice has shown to help chemical absorption? Should I drink it with each h-drol dose?

    Should I use FormadrolExtreme or T911 as the testbooster?

    The reason I posted a PCT with a Serm and without is because after many hours reading I have learned about the toxicity of a SERM and of course the toxicity of H-Drol. Many people have said a SERM is not necessary for something as mild as H-Drol but at the same time Nolva is tried and true and seems to be the staple supplement in an acceptable PCT.

    In your opinion do you think I should go the otc method or stick to a SERM. Personally I am not trying to jump on the SERM bandwagon but I would rather be safe than sorry?

    I have also read up on the dosing schedule in combination with cycle assist and how they can conflict with the absorption of the prohormone so I will be dosing the H-drol as follows.

    Dosing for 50 mg H-drol:
    - 25mg Halo in the AM (with meal)
    - Couple hrs. later consume Cycle Assist
    - 25mg Halo around 4-5pm
    - Late Evening Consume Cycle Assist

    Dosing 75mg H-drol:
    - 25mg Halo in the early AM (upon waking)
    - 2-3hrs later consume Cycle Assist
    - 25mg Halo around 1-2pm
    - 25mg Halo around 7pm
    - Consume Cycle Assist around 9-10pm

  2. wish someone would answer, well written post!

  3. I dont mind a OTC PCT for Hdrol , however I probably wouldn't use that OTC PCT( not fond of a prop blend for pct). Personally i would use Erase w/ PCT Assist or DAA and a cortisol blocking product.
    When you go up to 75mgs of Hdrol , i would does 25mgs in the am and then 50mg 8 hrs later. Hdrol has a long half life and there is no reason to split in into 3 doses IMO

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

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  4. Regarding PCT, I prefer option 3 but reverse Inhibite dosing. Run it so that as Nolva goes down, Inhibit E dosing goes up, then taper it back down.

    Let some estrogen levels creep up to baseline then run Inhibit E at the beginning of week 3 which compliments your Nolva dosing and should stop any possible estrogen rebound, which should not be a problem anyway. To be honest there are better things than Inhibit E (I used Triazole and PCT went great) but if that is all you have then it should be fine.

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