400mg/Week of Test Enough?

  1. 400mg/Week of Test Enough?

    I'll come out with it... I'm not a high-roller on drowning in the dough. HAHA
    So, my question is about being frugal.

    I have 25 ml of "Test 400" which is ~190mg Test E, ~190mg Test C, and ~25mg Test P. If I inject at 1ml per week that is 400mg/week of Test and I could get two 10-12 week cycles out of that one bottle.

    I also have 50mg Dbol tabs and Nolvadex.

    But, I want to take the advice of people on this forum and use only Test for my first cycle. So, I was thinking a 10 week cycle of Test at 400mg/week and then later doing a separate 10 week cycle of Test at 400mg/week stacked with 6 weeks of Dbol at 40-50mg/day.

    So, basically, will the anabolic effects of 400mg/week of Test actually be worth running it alone so that I can get two cycles out of the one bottle or not. Thank you for any opinions on this.

  2. thats a weird blend. the norm is 500mg/week though for just one kind of test. though one hardly tell the difference between test e and c (atleast i cant). either way, your getting about 760mg of test e and c if you inject twice a week which is more then plenty (thats depending if its 400mg/ml)

  3. Good little cycle. Very little Prop so definitely jumpstart with Dbol or any oral. 400mgs of test a week is fairly mild but can still yield nice gains. I would shoot it twice a week until at least week 5 when the Enth/Cyp starts kicking in and then once a week should suffice.

  4. You have a 20 mL bottle? Most are 10 Ml, and if its 400mg/ml then the bottle will only last one 10 week cycle, but if you actually have a 20 mL bottle then sure it will last 2 cycles.

    I would say do .75cc 2x per week. Just my advice, I know that doesnt really fit into your 2 cycle plan, but that would be a good dose. I would say do that for 12 weeks.

    Seems like your getting a few different responses lol.. but 400/week solo is a tad on the weaker side.

  5. Yes, if this is the first time you've injected test, that's enough.

    Those are big Dbol pills! Half of one would bloat me up like mad, and it would be worse when the test added it's estrogenic load. I am limited to Turinabol, which I really like (on it's own, or as a kickstart to a test cycle).

    Some people seem more prone to estrogenic sides, and I'm one of them. DHT-y, dry, cutting steroids suit me great. I'm not prone to balding, and have a full head of thick silvery hair. I don't have a bodybuilder's head - I'm more of a Frank Zane - type.



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