Review my P-stanz/Hdrol cycle plz :)

  1. Review my P-stanz/Hdrol cycle plz :)

    Starting my 4th ph cycle, since i had good results on just a pure h drol cycle( dosage of 50/50/75/75/75/75) i wanted to do another but now stack it with P-stanz

    So i would do H drol 6 weeks at 50/75/75/75/75/75/75( made the second week 75 because, sides were non existant, maybe it will create more gains, but thats up for discussion)

    At the same time i would also to P Stanz but this is where i want to make sure the dosage is ok. I was planning on doing that at 200/200/200/200/200/200

    I have my cycle support, and fish oils during cycle

    And for pct i have Nolvadex which will be dosed at 20/20/10/10 combined with kre-alk and a test booster. Also is a cortisol blocker needed?

    Just wanted any input u guys had on cycle or pct

    Stats: 5'7 180lbs Age:32

    Thank you in advance

  2. FREE COOKIES " hopefully that gets people come to this thread an help me"


  3. Hey mang.

    I'm no expert here, but from what I know of the 2 it sounds like you got a good plan. I think your dosages are pretty spot on (tho Im betting a lot here would even bump one, if not both up just a hair the last few weeks...???)

    I think the area of what support supps you'll be taking on is the only thing you didn't mention. PCT sounds good, again, from what I know. You could def add a cort control starting 3rd week of PCT and tapper it down starting during it's 4th week.

    Keep the trainign smart and regular and your diet on and I think you stand to get some good results.

    Oh, and Im good without any cookies, lolz, but thanks. Haha

  4. Cycle looks great. IMO and alot of others there no need to start low since you already know how the compound is sidewise for you. Starting at 75 will allow blood levels to reach peak doses faster=gains faster. Also have some extra on hand incase you need 100mg which is still very mild and well tolerated. I prefer 6 weeks pct as some real knowledgable guys seem to prefer it. I'd also bump nolva up first week to 40/30/20/20/20/10. Also add some cheap creatine while on cycle and through pct as well. Though there is never a reason to be off creatine really.
    Other than that your golden bro.

  5. Thanks alot guys, really appreciate the help



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