clomid on cycle okay?

  1. clomid on cycle okay?

    I may have overlooked this issue having already been addresses but would it be okay to run low dose clomid one or two weeks into a 19-nor cycle and just bump it up once the cycle is over?

  2. but why?

  3. prevent gyno, doesnt 19-nor cause gyno?

  4. 19 nor can cause gyno through a different process. So binding the receptors indont believe will help. If you did want to you would need nolva nor clomid though since clomid won't do much for gyno. An AI such as adex is suppossed to be able to help as from what I hear if the estrogen is low in the body tren can't cause it's gyno. Ultimately the only sure bet you have is by buying caber which can actually address the real problem if tren gyno arrises but caber is expensive!

  5. thanks, and another thing although unrelated, is infertility from 19-nor reversible?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by wannabbeast View Post
    thanks, and another thing although unrelated, is infertility from 19-nor reversible?
    infertility is MOST OF THE TIME a temporary side effect of AAS- and not all people who cycle get it, when you come off of the hormone u should be fine
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie
  7. Never enough
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    and get pharmaceutical tablet caber, not liquid research chem. its not stable that way. Or get pramipexole
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