Sust 300 and Test E 250 stacked together?

  1. Sust 300 and Test E 250 stacked together?

    Sust 300 and Test E 250 stacked together?

    hey guys someone told me to use both on first cycle---he said sust is great for beginners and would do 1cc monday am and 1 cc thursday pm and that he would do 1-2ccs of test E 250 wednesdays---he said this would help keep levels stable
    I have gone thru a ton of threads and cant seem to get much info please any feedback from knowledgeable experienced people would be greatly appreciated
    i am 44yo 5'9 190lbs with 10%BF and looking to put on 20lbs lean muscle and increase strength and break thru some plateus

  2. oh and it will be 12 weeks at least

  3. Sustanon is a mix of different test esters, including test e. Depending on your blend you are gettting a significant amount of test e just from the sust. I would recommend using test e, 500mg EW and drop the sust.

  4. Note you still need to develop a decent pct and support supps. Don;t just jump right into a cycle, take your time to research and plan it out. I'd be happy to help you out. I recommend picking either sust or test e

  5. i plan on running .25 arimidex eod during the 12 weeks and pct will be clomid 100mg,50mg,50mg,40mg---support will be milk thistle

  6. looks good - i usually take post cycle support, sustain alpha and lean xtreme during pct. i also throw in some creatine.


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