Halodrol Cycle and Question

  1. Halodrol Cycle and Question

    I'm contemplating running a cycle of Halodrol, this will be my first cycle.

    cycle support/life support for two weeks prior

    Then I was planning on 50/50/50/75/75

    with Clomid as pct, 20/20/10/10 while running activate extreme/pwo's.

    Diet is pretty good/cheat every so often but I'm ecto so I'm not to worried about overconsumption of cals.

    Age: 21
    pretty low bf

    Any suggestions/advice?

    Also here's the dilemma, my baby girl is due in 7 weeks and my fiancee is planning on moving in after christmas and I dont want to be overly emotional/lethargic while coming off my cycle.

    Do you think I should hold off on the cycle until after the baby has arrived? Or should I go ahead and run the cycle. Because I have never ran a cycle I'm curious as to what the sides are going to be with me.

  2. Bro just go ahead and wait til after your girl is born. You want to dedicate time to that just like you dedicate time to your cycle. No point in doing it if you arent going to be 100 percent in it

  3. Yeah I decided today that I'm just going to wait. I'm also still a little young to be cycling. Should probably wait till i'm 22-23 and if I'm still as serious then, even though I know I will be.

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