New to the game Beast and Epi help

  1. New to the game Beast and Epi help

    I was introduced to Helladrol by a friend. He is on his 3rd cycle. 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. No PCT or any liver support. He is still alive but also an Idiot.

    I just finished my 4 week of Helladrol Stacked with KatanaV2 with a gain of 10lbs, retained all. good clean gains. 2 caps a day Hella and 5 caps of Katana.

    Currently taking PCT and liver support.

    I want to run a cycle of Beast stacked with Epi in a few weeks.
    How long should I wait before I run this?

    beast /20/30/30/30/**/**/
    epi /**/**/30/40/40/40/

    HCGenerate while ON.

    PCT and Sustain-Alpha and Liver support Vit's for OFF cycle.

    Does this look okay? any advice?

  2. I would wait 4 weeks..
    I don't think you need to up your dose to 30mg.on beast.20 mg is normaly the right dose, depending how your body reacts and as far as taking both I don't know too much, but they both methyl. so has long as you take the proper support supps.. you should be GTG.. others on here can give you better input though.

  3. Thanks for the link man helped a lot!

  4. here to help



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