HELP!! I need some cycle info!

  1. Question HELP!! I need some cycle info!

    this is Genaro!

    I just bought
    Epibolin, Stanzabolin by Myopharm
    Animal Pak
    Milk Thistle
    and a PCT!!
    I dont know how to cycle it! Take all at once except for the PCT..
    Do I need to take a testosterone supplement also?

    Please Help!!

  2. why would u buy all this and not know how to put together a cycle?! we can't do your homework here if you don't do it first!

  3. I went to the store near my house, the seller told me to stack it like that but the price was to high in the store. So, I bought the items online on a cheaper price. But, thanks anyways

  4. Put it all in a blender and mix it with chalk (make sure it is white chalk, it is much more anabolic than the colored chalks) and water.

    Take the paste and put it one 12" mushroom pizza and bake it at 350 for two days.

    Collect what is left of the ash and the large peices grind into ash as well. Put all the ash together, put this back into the blender (must be the same blender) and add 2% milk. Drink and enjoy.

    You will wake up and look like Arnold.

    Your welcome.

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