HELP!! I want a cycle just not sure what to take and for PCT

  1. Talking HELP!! I want a cycle just not sure what to take and for PCT

    I want to start a cycle I'm 25 240 with 21% body fat. I just want to try a cycle out. and see what it does for me. i hear for a PCT take clomid, but will any clomid work? kinda lost on the PCT. i would take cycle assist and post pct assist as-well.

  2. No offense buddy, but your not ready for a cycle unless you find these answers for yourself. Its simple, and there is plenty of info on just the forum. Anabolicminds makes it easy for yah.

  3. i was wanting to do a deca cycle, but everyone says take clomid....i was just wondering if you take a specific kind or as long as you take the doses right and the brand doesn't matter.

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