The train wreck log: high dosed epi with a 2 week kick start of mdxt

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by 2k1s View Post
    up 9.9 lbs. I'll try to be better about doing updates.
    Holy crap man. That's some big gains so far for supplementing with caffeine!

  2. day 7

    no sides so far. My sleep has been good and I was really tired over the weekend. Good thing to have 4 days off work. Took a few 4 hour naps in the middle of the day . I can't say I have any increased libido but my appetite is still raging on. I am still eating like a horse... Which is why I'm up 10 lbs. I think I'm going to cut back some on cals from fat. My recovery time is speeding slowly. I'm switching up my routine so I can lift with my buddy on friday and saturday. All he does is arms/chest but that's b/c he has ****ed up his body too much to do anything else. He does push me though. My tri's are still a bit fried from my arms day and I'm starting to notice dryness in my left elbow even on 10mg of fish oil a day.

    dosage: 20 mg mdxt 200 mg katana (pre work out. total 30mg mdxt/350 katana)


    shoulder day:

    db military press

    65 x 10 x 1 (warm up)
    75 x 10 x 1
    85 x 10 x 1
    95 x 10 x 1

    arnold press

    55 x 10 x 1
    65 x 10 x 1
    75 x 10 x 1

    cable front raises

    side laterals

    upright rows

    135 x 10 x 4

    db shrugs

  3. btw the guy I asked to spot me on db military this morning told me to touch the db to my delt. Is that correct? I can go deeper I just haven't tried to extend my ROM for that much weight.

  4. id say just stick with what works for u bro; if your getting the delt development u need; dont change it!! and damn your weight is skyrocketing! hahaha

  5. My shoulders are far from where I want them to be. They are considerably bigger than they used to be, 5 jacket sizes in 8 months. I'm not against doing it, it just seems like it would be overly hard on your shoulders to go down much further than where I go to. I'll try to take a video of me later this week. My delts are definitely feeling fried right now.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by 2k1s View Post
    up 9.9 lbs. I'll try to be better about doing updates.
    9.9lbs in 7 days?

    nice results so far!

    im on day 8 and up 7 and thought that was HUGE!

    will be following this

  7. You were not kidding those are some sick DB press numbers, your shoulders are strong! Going deeper puts unneeded stress on your biceps, tendons, and shoulders. Ive read a few articles and watched some training video's where they say theres no need to go that deep. You can hurt yourself quickly with that weight your putting up man. Id stick with what youve been doing let that guy be the one walking around in a sling after having shoulder reconstruction surgery! Hell here's a quick vid breaking it down

    BTW sick work man, keep it up!

  8. Yeah don't bring em down that far. Dudes prolly just jealous you're pushing that much weight, lol.

    I bring the down far, but never have them touch my delts.

  9. I remember seeing some video with Dorian Yates iirc talking about shoulder work outs. He actually emphasized not going all the way down on shoulder presses. Idk, bro science confuses me.


    day 8

    I don't know if this is mdxt related by my neck/back has been really stiff for the past few days. It might be my bed telling me it needs to be replaced or maybe its the compound. I think its more the former. I definitely don't have back pumps. Would have tried to go up in weight on deads but my back was just not feeling it.

    My appetite still rages on. I'm not keeping it as clean as I would like to, ie last night I had some ice cream. Strength continues to be good, but I'm hoping for more. I don't feel "on" like I have in the past.

    dosage: 20 mg mdxt 200 mg katana (pre work out. total 30mg mdxt/350 katana)


    wide grip chins

    bw x 15 x 5

    dead lifts

    135 x 10 x 1 (warm up)
    225 x 10 x 2
    315 x 10 x 1

    db pull overs

    hs iso row

    90 x 10 x 1
    135 x 10 x 2
    180 x 6 x 1 (failure)

    t-bar rows

    face pulls

    abs (cable crunches, unsupported leg lifts and cable wood chops)

  10. day 9:

    I was going to take it easy today. My lower back is sore, idk why. I took 12g taurine pre-wo along with 2 bananas. Was hurting before and during, not after.

    Then I ran into my buddy little joe. That is his ironic nickname. He is a 400 lbs samoan who is a powerlifting coach/correctional officer/player. Does all kinds of crazy things like calf raises while laying on a bench pushing up on a smith press.


    Legs day


    135 x 10 x 1 (warm up)
    225 x 10 x 1
    275 x 10 x 1
    315 x 10 x 1
    365 x 10 x 1
    405 x 10 x 1 (joe basically said man up or you're gonna look like a crack head when you can't squat for ****. Got to admit the last 3 or 4 weren't the prettiest squats you have ever seen)

    power cleans

    135 x 10 x 2
    155 x 10 x 2

    leg press supersetted into calf raises
    360 x 15/40 x 4

    quad extensions

    bb lunges

    185 x 10 x 4

    ran for 20 minutes/swam for 20 minutes.
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  11. I want a crazy somoan power lifter at my gym They'll do that to you with the squats tho haha. You will move that weight by any means necessary

  12. When I lift back with him, I'm sore for like 4 days afterwards.

    this is little joe btw

    Comic Sans makes me feel gangsta

  13. I cant get it to load but looks like fun haha

  14. Talk about a little guy

  15. I keep getting an error when I try to play the video. I'll try it again later.

  16. does this one work for you guys?

    not as impressive but dude can do legitimate wide grip chins! Yes the pull up bar flexes when he is hanging.
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  17. I can see both videos now. I'm trying to picture him doing chins.

  18. DAYM just think how big he'd be if his range of motion were more than 50%....

  19. Maybe he is as big as he is bc of his range of motion...

  20. Quote Originally Posted by spool View Post
    Maybe he is as big as he is bc of his range of motion...
    Or maybe because he eats 4 meals a day consisting only of the all you can eat buffet at the Bellagio...

  21. This sounds like an excellent bulking program

  22. Lol the sad thing is I have eaten with him. He actually doesn't eat that much. He just has the worlds crappiest metabolism. His playing weight (he used to be a free safety in college) was 200 lbs. I would guess that not running has basically killed his metabolism.

    I think he is about 40 lbs lighter now than he was in those videos.

    day 10: rest


    quick notes: I'm really vascular now, I normally am somewhat but now I can see veins on top of my forearms which only has happened to me the last time I was on in the 4th week. Libido doesn't seem elevated at all, I would say its perfectly average. When I get a pump going it seems to last for hours which is definitely cool. I keep flexing my biceps, chest, back etc at my desk. I'm pretty sure they think I'm a crackhead. My appetite is now at the point that I am not ravenously hungry but if I go somewhere to eat I can keep going for awhile.


    did wide grip chins/pull ups/behind the neck pull ups/etc then ran for 30 minutes followed by swimming 1000m in intervals. Feeling good. I didn't have any taurine today and my back feels good. I definitely not getting back pumps.

    Going to cleveland this afternoon for heat/cavs game. I think I'm sitting 7 rows behind miami's bench. Probably will be horse tomorrow. I should be back tomorrow morning so I should be lifting.

    I'm also going try pre fatigue synergist training to aid in cutting some fat off. Hope my strength gains start rolling in more. I really want to try the 110s on db military. My previous pr was 100 x 5.
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  23. I grew up with a bunch of samoan's in southern california. We were best friends hung out daily did everything together until i left for the army. But they were POOR and when i say POOR i mean it they struggles just to survive! They barely ever had food and werent even able to eat as much as i did due to money and were still HUGE! Its in theyre genes man theyre 8-9yr old brothers were bigger than i was lol.

  24. yeah somans r huge
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  25. day 11


    weighed in this morning at 210.0(+15.4) Weird b/c I pissed twice before I weighed myself.

    I think this is going to be the last day of katana. My joints are killing me to the point that I just can't deal with the dryness. I'm using cissus and heavily dosing fish oil and my knees/elbows aren't happy. I'm going to instead run epi for 4 weeks starting next week, bringing this cycle to 6 weeks again. I respond well to epi so we'll see how it goes. Won't go above 45 mg though, I respond rather well at 30 mg.

    It was my lifting partner's day to pick out what we're going to do and godamnit I'm already sore. I am struggling to take off my shirt lol.


    retarded chest day

    incline bb press

    135 x 10 x 1 (warm up)
    205 x 10 x 7
    225 x 10 x 2

    Incline DB press

    70 x 10 x 1
    80 x 10 x 1
    90 x 10 x 1
    95 x 10 x 1 (one of the 100s was missing... which always sucks)

    HS decline press

    135 x 10 x 4

    pec deck

    I don't remember what the weights were but we ended up throwing a 25 lbs plate on, decided it was a bit easy then threw a 45 on for 295. Had to take a picture b/c I've never seen anyone throw a plate on a pec deck.

    super setted machine bench presses narrow/wide grip x 2
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  26. btw anyone interested in buying 1.5 bottles of katanadrol? If someone wants to run it I would be willing to hook it up.
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  27. Holy Incline chest batman! you are gonna be hurtin tomorrow lol

  28. +15 pounds in 11 days is among the fastest rates of weightgain I have seen from a cycle, good stuff. How is the bodyfat doing?
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  29. It is hard to tell. I feel like my belly is slightly chubbier, which would be expected from gaining 15 lbs in 11 days, but my arms, shoulders and legs seem to be leaner and bigger. My joints have definitely kept me from doing my cardio as planned.
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  30. Yeah well I kinda expect my belly to smooth out a bit during a bulk but that should go away during PCT when you drop some water. I'm still impressed as hell with 15 pounds so early though, you've got 20 in the bag and that's not usual, except with people cycling up from 160 pounds lol...

    Hey what other steroids do you think the MDXT is comparable to? It seems like weight gains equal to SD but not quite as much strength, but less sides, reminds me of PheraPlex but with the ability to increase appetite.
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    Don't post on my profile, I don't read that stuff, PM me instead
    <------ Hard to believe, but I wasn't on any anabolics in the avatar shot


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