yo guys so im currently on my second cycle of hdrol.

little background, 6" 175, about 9% bf had tested at 4 places and all variedfrom 7-10%.
Im 25 and since i was 21 i've been reading and learning about prohoromones/steriods.

My first cycle was a disaster.. i was 23 and thought i could just pop 2 pills 10 mins before workout and when the bottle was done i'd be done... well i did gain like 10 lbs of solid mass and lifts went up a nice amount.

My question though is, this cycle i want to do a 50/50/50/50 4 week cycle since i only have one bottle of hdrol and not much money to spend on another one. since its 2 pills a day when should i take them? i know the half life is 12 hours so im guessing 12 hours apart just want to know optimal time to take them.

pct is lined up and bought that like 2 weeks before i bought hdrol.