Bravoboys Next Run! Advice Please!

  1. Bravoboys Next Run! Advice Please!

    I plan on making this run within the next 2 weeks for sure...

    I just recently purchased my Malicious Mass / Phytoserm / Forma Stanzol / Dermacrine.

    More Supps in Stash I already have are D-Zine / CreaPure / Sermadex

    I know I need an on cycle support. I plan on buying cycle support by AI but didn't want to just yet as they are selling some promotions with other supps like erase and activate xtreme. so not sure on all I need as of yet.

    My main question is What else I need and how others might would run this stack.

    What I have in Stock
    Mal. Mass
    Forma Stanzol
    Sermadex (ultralab)

    What I plan on buying and what others feel is needed
    Cycle Support
    Nolva or Clomid
    Fish Oil

    Is there a test booster for a decent price i need to add? Maybe Post Cycle Support / Recycle...

    Suggestions are great, as i already have a pretty good idea, just funds are getting low right now. Interested in running the D-zine but am leaning toward the MM, just the thoughts of aggrivating my adolescent gyno kills me.

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