First cycle - T1Pro..

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  1. First cycle - T1Pro..(and md)

    Hey guys, i have been on T1Pro at 2ml, 2 x per day for the last 12 days, thinking if going 6 weeks if i can handle it.
    So far have gained 8lbs, but some is definately water, Took measurements a couple days in, and will take them again every week (so in 2 more days will take them again)
    Strength has gone up noticably so far, put another 20lbs on deads the other day.

    Been cutting on CKD for like 8 months and working out hard in the gym, finally got tired of feeling burnt out all the time and took a break from low carbing, a couple days into normal carbs i decided what the heck and started this cycle, will be doing PCT then going back into CKD.

    Observations.. noticed my nuts were shrinking the other night, kind of disconcerting but expected.
    Am also taking 20mg of formastane 2x a day topically (eform) i have found this really helped to minimize the bloat (started day 5)
    just started noticing more lethargy recently.. but my good freind EC takes care of that problem
    have nolva, ZMA, vitex, flax for PCT

    Will be keeping a log of gains and measurements here.
    Any comments or questions are appreciated.

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  2. Ok so day 1 i was at 264 (but only 3 days into normal carb uptake) day 5 i was at 272 (holy crap) and sunday i was at 274

    (all stats unpumped/unflexed and in inches)
    height - 6feet
    Neck - 17.5
    Shoulder - 51
    Chest 45
    waist - 40
    Thigh - 29
    Calf - 20
    Arm - 16
    Forearm - 12.5
    Wrist - 7.5 (large bone structure)

    BF - measured last week of ckd was 24%
    batterys died, will get new ones

    never done max lifts, so i cant comment in that area.

  3. Congrats on your gains so far! Keep us updated!

  4. Nice. Keep'um coming.

  5. leg night tonight i love squats!!! the puking and lightheadedness after not so much heh

    Did arms tuesday, had a killer workout!
    which brings to mind a quick question i have been meaning to ask..

    WHen "on" are you guys pumped all the time? maybe its the normal carbs again, but i worked arms 2 days ago and feel like i just hit the curls 10 minutes ago. Like sick pump ALL the time, forearms noticably.. especially when im having "alone time" if ya know
    The other day when doing deads i almost couldent finish because my forearms were so pumped, i have done NO products and satur8, but nothing has ever compared to this.

    Will post results of tonights leg blasting session


    edit - started to get a sore throat yesterday, so i have been mega dosing echinacea since then (2g - 3x day)

  6. Well some things to report..

    the lethargy i read about is kicking in hardcore, im thinking about adding another 80mg of 4AD ED to help counteract..
    I just about didnt get up (fell asleep..) in time to hit my legs, even then it took some serious convincing to get up and in the shower, pop an EC and head to the gym.
    The cold may have something to do with it as well

    Squats.. well i felt pretty burnt and went straight for some warm up sets, unfortunately i must have been psyching myself out, and wasent getting the best form (not enough bounce at bottom)
    Went to repeat last weeks reps/sets but when i got to the second working set (3 warm ups) on the 3rd rep i slowed down too much on the way down, and didnt explode enough on the way up.. so yeah i got stuck at the bottom. Good thing i had put the safety bars in before i started working sets, had to roll foreward until they caught the bar..
    First time thats ever happend.

    Appetite seems to have dissapeared, also, the first 2 weeks leading up till now i had crazy sex drive, now its all but gone.
    a couple days ago, just looking at a hot chick would get a rise out of me, now i dont think seeing one naked in front of me would do much.

    Its obvious im pretty much shutdown now, and the 1test has really taken hold. I will continue megadosing echinacea and hope the cold ****s right off, and will be upping the daily dose of 4AD from 80mg to 160, im not down with feeling this tired all the time (thank god for EC though)

    Sorry if that was a long incoherent ramble, im kinda out of it right now

    its also been +30 (celcius) for the last few days so that may be a contributing factor in the lethargy

  7. OK, so i feel 10X better today, cold is on the way out and lethargy is so much better now after upping 4AD.

    I will be upping the t1pro to 3ml 2 times a day as well.

    Yeah i thought maybe i would post my split here

    Sunday - back/abs
    monday - rest
    tuesday - arms
    wednesday - grappling
    thursday - legs
    friday - chest/shoulders
    saturday - grappling

    Just curious if i should take one of the grappling days off for rest? its pretty intense 2-3 hour cardio session.

    I read that more volume is better while "on" so i switched up from 4-6 rep range to 8-10 rep range, and included more compound movements.

    Seems to be working well so far.

    Have shoulder/chest today, might go lighter today because they are a bit sore from wednesdays grappling sess

  8. got called into work tonight and never made it to the gym, probably for the best because my upperbody is still kinda sore and i have grappling tommorow

    oh i forgot to post weight, up to 279!!! crazy considering im not much over maintanence

  9. Yesterday i had a great 2 hour grappling session, i told my instructor i was off the diet and bulking up, he couldent believe i was almost 20lbs heavier than when i started there, he said he couldent notice the difference (except when i had mount on him)
    Also had comments about how much stronger i have gotten

    Today is back, im going to try and throw another 10-20 on deads today..
    Should be a good workout, im going to skip abs though as they are stil sore from wednesdays ab blasting session

    Lethargy is gone, and i have upped it to 3ml 2x a day, except for having to apply gel all over my body no sides really, i upped the Eform to 2 sprays 2x a day for a while and that dropped the bloat down a bit, but im almost out so im going to stick with 1 2x a day.

    looking swole

  10. Up another 10 in deads, unfortunately my forearms were so pumped i could barely hold the bar, had to use wrist straps.
    Could have gone up another 10, but didnt wanna push too much.
    Had a great workout.

    down to 278 (-1lb) may have been from the grappling, not enough of a change to mean anything

  11. I lost my phone (alarm clock) and have woke up late the last few days, and have had to put my first application on at 3AM, and then again at 10-11 at night
    I got an alarm clock so that should be fixed from now on..

    Arms today, let see if i can have a thick workout

  12. as lo-pan would say


    Which is what i was thinking as i pounded out some serious sets today, had killer energy and strength is skyrocketing. Up again to 282

    ate really dirty today though because i missed breakfast (ate mid morning) and had fast food for dinner

  13. a few more pounds and more strength. Sounds like Christmas.

  14. santa is delivering this year
    Definately noticing body comp changes, and the bloating in my stomach has gone down, so it looks like all the 15lbs have gone to muscle, the tape will tell though (will take new measurments tonight)

    Gonna take today off instead of boxing or grappling. gonna go lay in the sun for a few hours i think, i need a tan bad!

  15. leg day... squat till i drop time

    Feeling kinda tired today, only been getting 7 hours sleep lately, maybe ill have a nap..
    thinking about upping the 4ad even more, still feeling the lethargy.

  16. tossed another 10 on the squats today, and the weight i had a problem with last week was NP.

    went crazy on calfs, standing raises at 300lb for 15 reps with a 5 second pause at the top of each contraction.. ****ing hurt like a bitch

    had good energy in and explosive strength on squats it seemed.. was able to power through sticking points nicely.. im loving this ****, but i dont know if i have enough for another 3 weeks.. the bottle is dissapearing fast
    Im gonna start adding 6mg of Methyl-D ED and run another week after t1 is gone, try and help solidify gains.
    up to 283, but definately lost some fat, and the stomach/face bloat is all but gone im happy to report!

  17. Took my measurments again today, can see where all the extra pounds are going!
    Noticable size increase in legs and arms, i didnt put in the measurments that stayed static



    Day 5 Day 23

    Height - 72.01 in (1.83 m)72.01 in (1.83 m)
    Weight - 272 lbs (123.60 kg)284 lbs (128.60 kg)11 lbs (5.00

    Shoulders - 50.98 in (129.50 cm)52.01 in (132.10 cm) +1.02 in (2.60 cm)

    Chest - 45.00 in (114.30 cm)45.51 in (115.60 cm) +0.51 in (1.30 cm)

    Waist - 42.99 in (109.20 cm)42.52 in (108.00 cm)-0.47 in (-1.20 cm)

    Hips - 42.99 in (109.20 cm)42.01 in (106.70 cm)-0.98 in (-2.50 cm)

    Thigh - 29.02 in (73.70 cm)29.49 in (74.90 cm) +0.47 in (1.20 cm)

    Ankle - 11.69 in (29.70 cm)12.01 in (30.50 cm) +0.31 in (0.80 cm)

    Arm - 15.98 in (40.60 cm)16.30 in (41.40 cm) +0.31 in (0.80 cm)

    Forearm - 12.52 in (31.80 cm)12.60 in (32.00 cm) +0.08 in (0.20 cm)

  18. Congrats on your cycle thus far!

    It's feedback reports like this that make me proud to manufacture these products!


  19. Thanks chemo, and thanks for making such a kickass product!!!!

    Today was back... holy crap

    I was pretty stoked and energized to goto the gym, popped a EC and was on my way.

    Added another 20 to cable pulls and anther 5 to one arm DM row,

    Then came Deads, my fav.

    Did my normal warm up reps, then instead of going up 10 which i decided to do on the way there, i went up 20, repped out like it was no big deal..
    Then added another 10, and 2 more reps... i was pretty shocked that i could pull that up NP (well not NP, but ya know)

    So, up 30 and reps on deadlifts, had to use wrist straps again though, forearms failed after 1 rep at 285

    Weight the same at 282, even though i have been slowly upping my cals

    This is week 3 day 4, so this is supposed to be when it really kicks.. I cant imagine it being any crazier than what has already been happening..

  20. whoa, just noticed major back acne starting to develop..

    Vitaming B5 helps this right?

    Also, i ate a couple bananas before it worked out and that totally helped the painfull back/forearm pumps!

  21. found out you can take YHCL intranasaly, which is great because i have 3 bottles and it dosent do jack for me orally (up to 30mg+) just take 2.5mg when i get home from school (which is when lethargy is bad..) now i dont find myself falling asleep mid afternoon

    Also, have some report on the MD.. totally increasing appetite. i actually wanna eat now!
    Saw a buddy i havent seen in a month or so and he commented that it looked like i was bigger.. i said yeah ive been hitting the fridge hard hahah

  22. Weight up 10lbs in skulls and EZ curls.. was very happy with my workout today, had an obscene pump in the gym.

    weight still at 282...

  23. Good thread man. Nice to see some one keeping us updated

    Also......are you gonna go the whole 6 weeks still ?

  24. Hey sorry no update in a few days, just moved on wednesday and dont have internet hooked up till monday, at library right now

    Looking at the bottle i dont think ill have enough to go the full 6 weeks, also i just met this girl, and i think im in love
    So its time for the boys to come back to life... even with extra 4AD the libido has gone down the toilet.

    Missed leg day cause the gym was closed (canada day) had a killer shoulder/chest workout on friday.. added another 5lbs to incline DBP for same reps, more weight or reps everywhere.. also on the scale i was down to 278.. but im looking leaner, always a good thing, the face bloat seems to have really come down.
    I think the MD is helpiing to lean me out now. i like it
    Nutrition has been suspect this weekend... too much time walking along the beach with my baby ya know not enough time eating.
    Back day today, will be going SAVAGE..
    I may go 1 more week or until im out of T1Pro.. then may or may not continue with MD, i may just go till the bottle is done (15 days total) cause im anxious to be done with this cycle and start cutting again, as much as i liked it..

    cheers guys.

  25. Ok so i had a great back workout, and a great arm workout yesterday, weight was down to 270 on sunday (?) but then it was back to 277 yesterday.. will be taking measurments again at the end of the week.. but just by looking in the mirror i see huge changes in my body comp, belly is alot smaller and shoulders, chest and arms have filled out.
    Strength way up everywhere, i think i put up another 20 on deads sunday..

    looking foreward to legs tommorow, off day today.. going for a walk through the woods with my baby


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