Epistane Cycle Help..To pulse or not to pulse..

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    I will be starting my first Epistane Cycle sometime soon (Nov/Dec) and was planning on running it for 4 wks 10/20/20/30 with cycle support and Nolvadex or Clomid as PCT. A few other supplements may go in with that but those are the staples of the cycle. Tonight I decided to look into the whole pulse cycle idea. From what I read from Dr. D and others it sounds very beginner friendly and I am seriously considering switching to it. This will be my first cycle and I am unsure of the exact routine I should follow shall I go pulse cycle. I have the Epistane and a bottle of Cycle Support already, but have not gotten any SERM yet. My questions are as follows:

    1. Do I still need to run a SERM with a pulse cycle? I read some posts saying it is not necessary and some other posts saying do it anyways so I want to eliminate my confusion.

    2. What would be a good cycle length and dosage schedule for 3x a week EOD for my first cycle? Dr. D said you can bump up the dosages since you are taking them less often throughout the week. He also says you can extend your cycle on a pulse. Just want a good plan going into it.

    3. Should I use the cycle support on cycle, only on PCT, or not at all? I can still take it back. Some posts said use it on off days only and some said pulsing can eliminate the need to run support at all. I also read in one post that it can be counter productive to your PH. Just looking for clarification on this.

    I am really looking for comments based on the questions I asked, but other comments, ideas, etc. are always welcome. If there is another thread that has definitive answers to these questions I apologize in advance as I looked through many different ones and that is what has led me to post now. Thanks everyone.

  2. before i get to the pulsing questions, if you're gonna run epistane solo, you would want to start no lower than 30mg a day probably. i've never seen anyone run it any lower than that, and most people get up to at least 45, some even go to 60 the last couple weeks. i think most people tend to extend their cycles to 5-6 weeks....but don't quote me on that.

    about pulsing-i'm really interested in this too as well.

    1. as far as needing or not needing a serm, its a good idea to have one whether you'll need it or not. if you end up having an unforseen problem that requires it, you've already got it and don't have to wait the 2 weeks for it to get shipped from who knows where. I'll be pulsing beastdroll come january and i'm planning on doing at least a week of nolva after the pulse unless i feel like i really just don't need it.

    2. i've read a lot of that thread too...and most people seem to pulse epi for 6-8 weeks. dosages seem like they start at like 30 and then the latter weeks they work up to 60+.

    3. as far as support, i'm kind of just giving my opinion here, but what i plan to do is go ahead with coq10, ryr, saw palmetto, all the good stuff, every day, and then keep the liver protectant to off days. I've got a bottle of cycle assist already as well, so i'll probably take that on off days, and then just buy some of the above support supps to take by themselves on the days that i dose the ph.

    i'll probably actually be following along with what you end up doing so that I can see how it works for when i do mine...lol.

    good luck man.

  3. First off thanks for your input. Those dosages are from bb . com I believe and it was in a huge thread on Epi covering tons of information. There were higher dosage schedules for people who had taken PH before listed also. From what I read 4 weeks is pretty standard for a regular cycle. As far as the rest of the stuff hopefully we can get some more guidance from some of the pros on these forums. A lot of these guys really know their stuff it seems and this site looks to have the most discussion on pulsing from what I can tell. Now to get some sleep in. Dreaming of a thread full of posts in the morning haha.

  4. Epi is mild.
    Run a 6 week straight cycle. 45-60mg a day.
    If you do pulse, pulse for 8 weeks.. 60mg on day you pulse.

    Have BP support.
    Use NAC for liver support.

    Use Clomid as your PCT SERM..

  5. Thanks JC. I'm thinking an 8 wk pulse may be what I go for. Anyone else have any input as far as pulsing goes?

  6. You might want to add a low dose of topical dermacrine per day or some DHEA to help with libido and lethargy.

  7. Would that be an ED or on off days?

  8. Every day

  9. Quote Originally Posted by JCunningham View Post
    Epi is mild.
    Run a 6 week straight cycle. 45-60mg a day.
    If you do pulse, pulse for 8 weeks.. 60mg on day you pulse.

    Have BP support.
    Use NAC for liver support.

    Use Clomid as your PCT SERM..
    i agree. its VERY mild. i ran 45mg ed for 5 weeks and i felt a bit of an effect.


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