Help putting together a cycle

  1. Help putting together a cycle

    Ive decided to go through my stash of old school PH and PS and I have a bunch of compounds. The question is no idea which way to go with this and how to set up the compounds. Goal: lean mass. If i get some bloat no big deal, I am in a bulking phase and eating very clean. Currently 200 pounds around 9 to 10% body fat.

    Here are the compounds I have:
    1 bottle P-Plex
    3 bottles 1,4 bold 200
    4 bottles AMS 1-AD
    2 bottle M1T (90 caps ea)
    1/2 bottle TRN-X
    3/4 bottle of havoc
    1 bottle 4-AD methyl extreme (60 caps)
    2 bottles MOHN-XT
    for PCT stuff i have
    1 bottle Xabol
    2 bottles RAGE RV1
    1 bottle Reversitol
    plenty of nolva

    any thoughts on stacking? Ive read so many threads and so many choices Want some feed back. Much appreciated!

  2. An M1T/BOLD bridge..


  3. Thanks man. Would have never thought of that one, good looks bro

  4. Quote Originally Posted by chrispurewho View Post
    Thanks man. Would have never thought of that one, good looks bro
    If you can run the bold longer at a dose of 800mg and above, do it.. This is a safe cycle because BOLD is a safe, non toxic compound. Most M1T gains should be able to be kept..

    The 4-AD is to have some test conversion so that you do not feel lethargic or have bad libido on M1T.

    You could add 2 epi caps a day while on M1T as well to help keep you dry..

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