Constructively Critisize my Mdrol Cycle

  1. Constructively Critisize my Mdrol Cycle

    Ok guys first PH cycle and I know Mdrol isnt suggested for first timers but I h-drol is more of a lean gainer, and phera-plex and all of its clones seem to be way to expensive or too hard to get. So Id appreciate some help here with this cycle so I can get it right the first time

    Me- 5'7, 175-180lbs. Working out consistantly for the past 3 years, I eat well (as best as I can right now, Im currently deployed) 23 years old

    I have been researching on here for the past month or so , there is A LOT of information so much infact that its easy to get turned around with everyones different opinion of this that or the other thing. SO here is what I have and what Im shooting for and I could use some critiquing.

    On cycle - AX Perfect Cycle, Multi, Omega-3, Protein ( I thought about buying liver juice but would it be over kill with the Perfect Cycle?)

    PCT- AX Advanced PCT, Test booster (probably T-bomb II because I have a bottle lying around here), as far as the SERM is concerned I am leaning toward the tried and true Nolva I just have to re-order it since my last shipment never made it here..

    My only serious concern is when I hit puberty I got a little bit of gyno (puffy nipples ) which I didnt realize I had until I started reading this board and quite frankly Im concerned that makes me MORE suseptable to rebound gyno or anything of the sort. Id like to know the best on hand supp to have JUST INCASE.

    Also how long should I preload Perfect Cycle.. 1,2 weeks? Thank you.

    Any and all input is appreciated it guys. Thank you.

  2. First off, where are you located downrange? (Makes a huge difference in what I will suggest)

  3. Currently stuck in Afghan, Bastian

  4. Bumpity bump.. nothing?

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