Becoming an Alpha male: Mr. Incog's pure Alpha One log

  1. Becoming an Alpha male: Mr. Incog's pure Alpha One log

    The following is my first Alpha One log. I have been keeping a log but due to work, haven't posted yet, so for a couple days I will be playing catch-up with the all the notes I have taken.

    I have run the real deal before, as well as superdrol (multiple times) and Epistane but this is my first time with M1-EE.

    -=The Log=-

    2 Weeks leading up:

    Loaded with bulk 80% silymarin extract and Hawthorn extract

    Cycle itself:

    1st Week: Alpha One, 1 capsule per day on an empty stomach.

    2nd week: Alpha One, 2 capsules per day on an empty stomach. Start using pure UDCA powder, measured out to approximately 250mg per capsule, one capsule every 3 days.

    3rd week: Alpha One, 2 capsules per day on an empty stoumach. Continue UDCA, bumping it up to every other day if necessary.

    4th week: Alpha One, 2-3 capsules per day on an empty stomach.Continue UDCA, bumping it up to every other day (or even every day) if necessary.

    5th week: begin PCT.

    Support while on cycle:

    bulk 80% silymarin extract
    Fish oil
    Red Yeast Rice
    Hawthorn Berry extract
    Taurine on hand
    5-htp (for mood)
    Melatonin (for sleep)


    Avena Sativa
    Super Cissus
    Toremifene citrate + Clomid:
    Week 1 : 90 mg or 90mg for 4 days then 60 mg(Toremifene Citrate) + 50mg clomid
    Week 2 : 60 mg (Toremifene Citrate) + 50mg Clomid
    Week 3 : 30 mg (Toremifene Citrate) + 40 mg Clomid
    Week 4 : 30 mg (Toremifene Citrate) + 20 mg Clomid

    10-11-10: 1st day @20mg; 245 pounds

  2. 10-14-10: very lethargic at gym, but still had a good workout. 249 pounds.

    10-15-10: Have been super thirsty for 2 days. Woke up in the middle of the night last night, starving hungry.

    10-16-10: Didn't get enough sleep last night, and felt like I was getting sick all day (sort of a sinus headache). Took day off from working out, got a bunch of sleep tonight and took a bunch of Vitamin C.

    10-18-10: started on 2 caps per day on a mostly empty stomach. I also took my first capsule of UDCA today (measured out to 250mg). It gave me pretty strong acid reflux for about 10 minutes, after which it subsided.

    10-19-10: I had intense itching on my face all afternoon. My girlfriend later told me that my skin was all red. Thinking it might be liver-related, I took another dose of UDCA today. Hopefully it is just an allergic reaction to something. Despite this, and my shoulder acting up, I had a great chest workout. My recovery in-between sets was dramatically better than normal (much like I experience on Superdrol), and I felt like I could just keep working out forever. I didn't go up in weight on freeweight bench due to my shoulder, but on the hammer-strength chest machine I went from doing sets with 380 lbs to doing sets with 410lbs. My weight is up to 251 lbs.

  3. 10-20-10: Great workout. My shoulder was killing me, but despite pretty severe lethargy all day, once I hit the gym I was in business. I didn't go up in weight on shoulder excercises b/c of pain, but on curls (with 75 pound dumbells) I hit on average 2 more reps per set than normal. Again, I felt like I just could have kept on going.

    10-21-10: My day off. I could not sleep last night. I took 2 benadryl, 6 mg of melatonin, and phenibut before I was finally able to fall asleep. It is so bizarre because I am lethargic all day and feel like I could sleep at will, but as soon as it is time to go to sleep I just can't. Good new is that sexual drive is up (rather than down like it tends to be on superdrol)

    10-23-10: Acid reflux was so bad last night that it woke me up out of my sleep multiple times. Rolaids are my friends.

    10-24-10: Acne is going crazy all over my face and in my hair. Trying to use antibiotic lotion, but no real help.

    10-25-10: libido has taken a major nosedive.

    10-26-10: took another UDCA. Libido still down. Shoulder has been really hurting last two days even though I took them off from the gym.

    10-30-10: Starting tonight I am going to take 250mg UDCA every night before bed to try and push through another week of Alpha one. I am getting surprisingly cut up, as I had thought this was more of a wet-bulker. Looking in the mirror, though, it seems pretty damn lean.

    10-31-10: Tomorrow I am going to start up 60mg Alpha one per day for the last week.

    11-2-10: Great chest day today. No shoulder pain, and set new record with 325 on bench for working weight.Started feeling a little soreness in throat before bed though. Not a good sign, so I took 2 grams of vitamin C.

    11-3-10: Yep, I'm sick. Flu-like, and it's all-bad. This reminds me of superdrol. Luckily I am prepared this time. I am taking 3 grams buffered vitamin C split into 3 doses every day, along with echinacea capsules, and 200mg DHEA split into 4 doses. I am also taking zinc, drinking massive amounts of water, giving myself extra sleep, and taking the next couple days off. I am going to try and push through this. Also, I am going back to 40mg Alpha One per day; maybe this is my body's way of telling me not to try 60mg.

    11-6-10: Awesome back and tri day. I still felt sick and expected a poor workout, but 1 scoop of Jack3d later and once I started working out I felt like a new man.

    11-7-10: Totally over sickness now. I have had a great workout today as well as yesterday. Weighed in at 254

    11-8-10: Leg workout was going great (despite pretty severe back pumps that made me have to sit down and rest in between sets) until I pulled something in my leg. I decided to end the workout on a good note rather than push through it.

    11-9-10: last day; only took one capsule. I felt a kind of sick-lethargy I haven't experienced yet. Kept taking naps all day and still feeling tired with bags under eyes. Also stomach felt nauseous.I took this as a sign that the cycle should come to an end rather than push a 5th week. I will start PCT tomorrow. I weighed i at 255 lbs, significantly more chiseled than I started, with heavier weights on all exercises.

  4. Pre-PCt summary:

    Alpha One was not what I expected. Although I put on an appreciable amount of weight (10lbs, of which I would guess 4-5 pounds is water), I actually cut up much more than I thought. My strength went up as others had suggested, but the joint pain absolutely made lifting those higher weights difficult. Without a doubt, I packed on some quality muscle without nearly as much fat as I had expected. Also the lethargy tended to go away as soon as I started working out, and once I realized that, it made it easier to fight through it and just get to the gym (was tough at work though). In some ways, a more important discovery for me than how Alpha One worked, might be how UDCA worked. Alpha One is supposed to be about as hard on your system as Superdrol (if not worse), and most people recommend running it for 3 weeks. I ran it for four and up until the last day or two, felt that the side effects were pretty manageable. The side effects were: acne, joint pain, acid reflux (which I am prone to) sleeplessness, lethargy (ironic how lethargy and sleeplessness can go together), and a little bit of back pumps but no where near where they were with superdrol. I didn't experience the nausea, lack of appetite, severe back pumps, shin splints, or other more serious side effects, and the main difference between this cycle and others I have run was the addition of UDCA. I will test it out again with my next cycle, but at this point I feel that UDCA may have played a role in the mitigation of side effects from Alpha One, my ability to run it an extra week, and had little-to-no side effects of it's own (I noticed no additional side effects for the period in which I ran it daily than when I wasn't).

    Now lets see how much I can hold onto after PCT.

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