PP Turnibol / AndroHard Stack Dosing

  1. PP Turnibol / AndroHard Stack Dosing

    This is my first cycle in about 4-5 years. I plan on starting it in a month or so just getting some more supps(vitamins, etc) now. I'm almost 28 and have been training for a LONG time.
    Just wondering if I should stick strictly to the dosing listing on PP's site.

  2. For the best and most consistent results your best bet would be to follow the guidelines laid out.... But do you have more/less then what its required by the stack?

    What exactly are your goals for the cycle and maybe it can be tweaked to meet those more adequately.

  3. I bought exactly what was included in the Turnibol-V Muscle Stack and bought a bottle of AndroHard to go along with it. Looking to gain size/strength with not too much fat or bloat or anything with it. Whatever I do gain though I will cut in the following month(s)

  4. In that case this stack is perfect for you to be ran at recommended dose!

    Should def allow for some quality lean mass to be added and easily maintained with little to no fat gain, given diet is in check.

    Do you plan on logging this stack our at least feeding us some updates? Would love to hear how it treats you!

  5. Yeah I do want to log this. I plan on starting either November or December but when time comes closer I will definitely update. I'm going to log my diet very closely as well with daily caloric, fat, sugar, protein, and carbohydrate intake. I'll also try to be as specific as possible with my workouts. I'm going to weigh myself before and after cycle(w/ bf%) and probably again when my PCT is all finished. Also will probably go get my t levels tested after PCT. -Billy

  6. Sweet!

    I have found logs, especially very detailed ones, are much like journals for your muscle building conquests. Great thing about them is you can try different stuff use diff routines and diets and then go back and read over them later down the road to see what works best for you and exploit that setup all over again!

    Will be lookin forward to watch you grow brother!

  7. Yea i start my first cycle in dec as well.. Stacking t-bol with androhard...


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