Got Fake D-bol, is my Eq & test Fake too???!!!!!

  1. Angry Got Fake D-bol, is my Eq & test Fake too???!!!!!

    Was planning to start my first cycle (d-bol only) for 4 weeks just to check what sides im prone too or not. But its fake, been taking it 2 weeks nothing!!!! no pumps, no bloat,,nada...i was planning on folowing it up whit a test & eq cycle, but now im worried its fake too.

  2. sorry i dont have pics..but i was just wondering about you guys opinion. i think its probably fake too not shure. next time im taking my chances
    & ordering them.

  3. good luck with ordering them not alot of places ship to canada. theres too many fakes out there so just going by what you say it sounds fake but if you can supply a pic and a name of the comapny will be better to determine.what are your doses on dbol? and how many mg are each one?

  4. How's your diet? Protein intake? Routine? Anabolics are not a magic golden road to mass, you still need to do most of the work and lots of eating.

  5. what dose you running it at?
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