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    First off, thank you again IML for making this log possible. Front loading with cycle assist until tomorrow and starting wednsday i will be starting actual cycle.

    Height: 6'
    Weight: 242lbs.

    Will be dosing 1 am and 1 pm to start things off so i can get a feel for it and may adjust as i go along depending.

    On cycle supports will be:
    cycle assist
    multi v
    protein w/ addition carbs
    superpump 250
    formestane(if needed)
    Muscle Juice
    Complex Carbs

    formestane(if needed)
    pct assist
    muscle juice
    complex carbs

    Will be looking forward during this cycle for strength increases and size(mass) for this will be considered a bulk for me, so my calorie intake will be 3500-5000.

    For anyone who was ever curious of IronMagLabs Super-DMZ feel free to taking this ride with me and sub..."It's about to go down!!!"

    Stay Tuned......................... .............................. .............................. .

  2. subbing this one

  3. you mean iron mag labz.

  4. subd good luck and have fun

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    you mean iron mag labz.
    jbryand, good lookin for pointing that out, and my bad IML, for the typo. when i figure out how to edit my thread i'll make the change asap.

    Anyway tomorrow's the day i set things off, i received my cycle assist on saturday, so i wanted to at least have a few days of pre-loaded support, and wednsday will make it 5 days of pre-loading, so i figured i'd be good money. but the way i feel i might just set things off this evening after supper cause i can't take it any longer. read some good reviews about IML's super-dmz and always wanted to try dmz, and i've been blessed with this opportunity to doing so, so i might as well get this show on the road, so soon as i get home, it's on!!!!!

  6. hahahaha...

    You got this **** from Iron Man!?! Srsly that's sick! I guess you didn't wanna spring for a full out arc reactor?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by sluggy View Post

    You got this **** from Iron Man!?! Srsly that's sick! I guess you didn't wanna spring for a full out arc reactor?
    sluggy i don't get it

  8. Quote Originally Posted by princevince View Post
    sluggy i don't get it
    http://t i n y u r

  9. Day:1

    aiight, i took my first dose last night(10mg.), so i really don't have much to go off of, but i did however get in a good hour of calisthetics and some dumbell excercises. not sure as to how long SUPER-DMZ usually takes to feel it kickin in, but i'd give it about 5 days give or take. hope it's not like pp's turinabol which seemed like it took forever until i had to up the dosage towards the end of cycle but by that time the bottle was done(but no love lost pp, i love your products and am a big fan and supporter)
    but from what i've been reading d-zine doesn't take as long as turinabol, so i'm good

    For all those that sub'd, thanks guys i won't let yall down, even though it's a sponsered run i'm still going to be brutally honest and not falsely advertise. i'm a customer first just like everyone else

    and though i only had 10mg. from what i've been seeing 30-45mg. is the sweet spot, so i'll be playin with the dosing a bit this week until i get it right. for the first few days i'm going at 20mg, 1am,1pm, and will up the ante monday to 30mg. and see how that plays out, and take it from there

  10. Quote Originally Posted by sluggy View Post
    http://t i n y u r
    oh you're bringin the funny

  11. Day:3

    nothing really to update just yet, though today i will be upping the dosage from 20mg to 30mg. just not sure how i'm going to break it down. whether it'll be 1 in the am and 2 in the pm or just 1 morning noon and night. i took 10 mg. this morning so i guess i'll be able to say later on.
    but anyways i'm expecting big things to happen. heard alot of good things about dmz and dig the minimal to none sides, plus ordered a bottle of m-lmg and it should be here by monday. so after 2 weeks on the dmz if i don't see or feel anything i'm adding the m-lmg to the mix to pop things off. but let me first see how a week of 30mgs. does me.

  12. I like the fact your starting off with low mg's and then building up if necessary its always a good idea to easy into things when starting new supplements.

  13. Day:4

    Took the weekend off after just being 3 days on and as of Friday dosing at 30mgs. It has been on and poppin. Muscle hardness and vascularity is starting to take effect, and I gotta say i'm loving the feelin; and always have when it comes to this aspect of ph's. Strength is also on the incline and it has been leading to some intense sessions, along with the urge to wanting to always work-out, which is also a plus. Muscles are starting to feel and look more fuller but haven't went up on weight just yet, and the funny thing is that it kind of looks as if my mid-section is looking slimmer too.
    What a at difference 30mg. I'm going to ride this week out at 30mgs. being all seems to be going well, and will decide next week if i'm going to bump it to 40mgs. But it would be nice if i could add 10lbs. to the scale when it's all said and done, which seems to be my goal during this run.
    Is it possible IronMagLabs? I think so!!!!!

    Loving your product thus far. As of now I would admit it being in my top 3, with Phera and SD being in front of it. Everything seemed to kick in pretty quickly and i can't be mad at that. Hope it continues through-out.

    Now as for any bad sides, as of now their non-existant

  14. great update so far hopefully the sides aren't too bad if they happen at all.

  15. Day:7
    Weight: 245lbs. +3lbs.

    Pardon myself for the lack of updating, but eveything was going well until 2 days ago, when i started to get a strange feeling around my heart area shortly after dosing. So i have decided to pause on the supplement(Super-DMZ) in exchange for something else i have in the stash. Was going to open up the m-lmg but decided to go with the phera instead and save the m-lmg for a d-zine stack.

    Going to take the phera for a week, starting today and see if that feeling around my heart after dosing subsides or continues so i can make my final judgement.

    Sorry IronMagLabs for the inconvienance with my log but my health comes first, and i was just starting to really dig the Super-DMZ, but that feeling i've been getting around my heart area after dosing has had me wondering. So i gotta pause for a minute from the product.

    Will keep updating though to keep everybody posted.

  16. well after 2 days of phera haven't experienced any of the pains around my heart area as i was with super-dmz. any body else out there that have taken super-dmz have this same experience?

  17. sorry to hear about your issue but I agree you wanna be safe than sorry if your having that type of issue.does heart disease run in your family?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by mich29 View Post
    sorry to hear about your issue but I agree you wanna be safe than sorry if your having that type of issue.does heart disease run in your family?
    not at all.

  19. update...

  20. Quote Originally Posted by dlucks View Post
    well as for the super-dmz is concerned i've decided to put it on pause and picked where i left off with some phera in it's place and i haven't been experiencing any of the pain around my heart area as i was with the super-dmz. however i will continue with this super-dmz log next week and see how things go from there. will keep you posted

  21. update


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