upcoming summer cycle

  1. upcoming summer cycle

    What you guys think? I'm thinking of dropping some money down and running a hefty cycle (for me anyway)

    Week 1-10 Test Enanthate at 700mg/wk
    Week 1-6 Tren at 150mg EOD
    Week 7-10 M1T at 15mg/day

    Week 10-12 IGF-1 LongR3 at 40mcg/day

    Nolva and maybe clomid for PCT

  2. nice cycle. But, can you take the sides from M1T for 4 weeks? Better have HCG too.

  3. yeah i've run M1t by itself for 4 weeks at a time with no problem; only sides for me are acne and increased bloodpressure (which i take supps for)

  4. decided to throw dbol in to the mix and add HCG after a suggestion and extensive reading on how it works and the best ways to administer it

    Week 1-4 Dbol @ 30mg ED
    Week 1-6 Tren @ 150mg EOD
    Week 1-10 Test Enth @ 600mg/wk (ok to inject once a week? if its gotta be twice so be it)
    Week 8-12 M1T @ 15mg ED
    Week 5-12 HCG @ 500IU Every 3rd day
    Week 13-16 Nolva @ 40mg/day

    Nolva on hand to combat gyno; correct blood pressure supps, taurine for any cramping, and my uniliver and ultra mega tabs
    Just curious if i gotta inject Test twice a week; because by week 5 i'll be injecting HCG too; and that makes me into a pincushion

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