M4OHN, 4AD+, 1-Test Cycle LOG

  1. M4OHN, 4AD+, 1-Test Cycle LOG

    Alright everyone, here is what I'm taking currently:

    LG's 4AD+ dermal - 4 squirts ED (two after shower, two before bed)
    LG's 1-Test dermal - 3 squirts ED (two after shower, one before bed)
    DesignerSupps 4OHN - 12mg ED this week, then upping to 16mg ED
    TwinLab Ripped Fuel w/ Test Booster (with ephedra) - 4 caps (2before am workout, two later in the afternoon)
    ProLab Creatine - loaded 20G for 4 days, now maintaining at 5G ED
    Nolva PCT - 40mg ED for 2 weeks, then 20mg ED for two weeks.

    Calorie deficit diet, very low carbs, lots of lean steak, chicken and pork.

    I will start my log as of today (day 10). I'm going for 6 weeks.

    Wednesday June 9th:
    Weighed in this morning at 220, up 5lbs from 215 when cycle started, however my girlfriend and her roommates all commented yesterday that I look like I've lost a decent amount of weight. DEFINITLY LEANER, but up 5lbs! Did my normal 25 minutes of eliptical cardio on the higest level. Busted my ass like usual. Went on to my tricep excercises. I was amazed. I upped the weight about 10-15lbs on each excercise compared to last week and my reps actually went up 1 or 2. I don't know whats going on, but I'm sure as hell loving it. Looks skinnier and am getting stronger. Be back tomorrow with an update.

  2. Sweet man.....congrats on a good start!
    I just bought a couple bottles of Sledge's stuff.....I may have to go back for more.

  3. i'm starting the same thing as you, but will use some 4oht with the others in my trans to keep the bloat off...but i'm not going for a cut per say...good luck

  4. Moving this to the cycle info forum for you.

  5. Mod, it would have been more useful and helpful if it was in the PH section I believe as more people frequent the PH section. Anyone else agree? Can we move bacK?

    Quote Originally Posted by NPursuit
    Moving this to the cycle info forum for you.

  6. Personally, I hit both places equally. There's TONS to be learned from the cycle logs.

  7. I think it will get just as many views here. Check out some of the other cycles that are posted. As long as you keep it updated, tons of people will read it, especially since it has M4OHN in the title, which is the popular new kid on the block.

    Good luck, I am considering a 1T/M4OHN cycle in the future.

  8. Alright, sounds good, will keep updating.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by IanHummel
    Mod, it would have been more useful and helpful if it was in the PH section I believe as more people frequent the PH section. Anyone else agree? Can we move bacK?
    It wouldn't make much sense having a cycle info forum if it's not being used now would it. Don't worry everyone will see your log. Everyone is interested in hearing results of M40HN.

  10. Day two of my log, day 11 of cycle:

    Woke up a little late this morning, did two sprays of 4AD, one spray of 1-Test, 2 ripped fuel, and 12mg of 4OHN. Ran to the post office, filled up on gas, then headed to the GYM. I didnt get as much energy boost as the other days because of my errands and the ripped fuel kicked in a bit early. Triceps feel great today. Did 25 minutes of cardio, 25 is getting a bit easy now, and thats on the highest level of the eliptical, going to bump to 35 next week. Anyways, did back today. Not much weight gain, maybe a plate or two here and there, but nothing to really jump up and down about. I am however noticing I'm becoming a bit more vascular. Not to the point of them popping out yet, but I can definitly see more viens in my arms before, during and after lifting, especially in my forarms (where dermal is being spread) and on the interior of my biceps. Maybe the 4OHN? Anyways, tomorrow I'm going to do an all around day, a little bit of everything, then take Sat. and Sunday off. Will be back Monday after the workout w/ and update. Oh yeah, my weight seems to be fluctuating (as does everyones) but I'm still on avg a couple pounds more than when I started.

  11. Quick question, I would like to try to get on something that would really increase pumps, oxygen and blood flow into my muscles, Im kinda low on cash right now, but what would be a good product for this that fairly cheap? I've read so many damn reviews, I just would like some recs. Thanks!

  12. nitrous

  13. Arginine Alpha-ketoglutorate or Arginine pyroglutamate are fairly cheap in bulk.

  14. has anyone tried m4ohn and m1t yet?

  15. This should be a great log. I plan on doing a similar cycle at some point.

  16. Day three of log, day 12 of cycle:

    Well, last night I went to a bunch of graduation parties and had no intention on drinking much, but still I hadn't drank in a while and ended up getting pretty drunk off not too much alcohol. I know, BAD ME! I woke up today and felt like complete hell, got my ass to the gym, did 30 minutes of cardio, then went to the weights. Thats when my hangover really kicked in. NO MOTIVATION at all. I only ended up doing a couple excercises before calling it a day. However, my curls went up 5lbs since last time. Be back Monday.

  17. Monday, day four of log, day 15 of cycle:

    I upped the dosage of 4OHN to 16mg ED starting today. I did 30 minutes of cardio and it didnt really even phase me. Anyways, the biggest strength gain came in cable crossovers today. I went up two plates from last week. In dumbbell presses, I went out 5lbs. All in all a great workout and good strength gains. This is starting week three of 4-AD+ and week two of 1-Test, so in about a week everything should be all kicked in. Be back tomorrow.


  18. Tuesday, day 5 of log, day 15 of cycle:

    Had an excellent bicep workout today. Significant increase in strength in each excercise except curls (they were also my last excercise and I was really worn out). Went up about 20lbs in curls on the crossover machine, 10lbs on curls on the curl machine, and 10lbs in all other excercises pretty much. Be back tomorrow with Triceps.

  19. Any updates??

  20. Quote Originally Posted by -2z-
    Any updates??

  21. hmmmm...what happened ?

  22. bump?


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