Becoming HELLA Diezel with "HELLADROL"

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  1. Becoming HELLA Diezel with "HELLADROL"

    Thanks to everyone at Mr.Supps for sending me a bottle of helladrol to run a cycle. This isn't my first DS/PH cycle. I've used epichlorol, tren lv, furazadrol, dermacrine and formestane (many times). I haven't been on anything like this though in the past 6 months or so, so I really look forward to using this compound.

    Age: 24
    weight 194
    height 5'10
    bf : haven't checked in a while. I'm guessing between 10-12
    Looking to do a bit of a lean bulk, if possible lose a little bf as well.

    milk thistle
    Monster mass
    cissus rx
    orange triad
    acne tame (will be ordering asap)

    post cycle :
    Nolvadex - 20/20/20/10

    I'll be working out 4 days a week and getting in about 3000-3500 calories a day.

  2. I got really excited when I saw the bottle yesterday and took two caps before bed. Today was my second day at 2 caps. I dosed an hour before my workout.

    For breakfast I had:
    half a cup of egg whites
    3 pieces of turkey bacon
    2 pieces of ezekial toast
    2 scoops of posiedon

    90 minutes pre workout- bowl of shredded wheat


    Flat dumbell press: 2 warm up sets , 3 working sets , 1x12, 1x10, 1x8
    My shoulder has been bothering me a bit so I went light and slow, hopefully the cissus will help.

    Seated row: 1x12, 1x10, 1x8, 1x6

    Compound set: Hammer strength incline press 3x10 to dips 3x(to failure)

    Tri set: Decline flies 3x10, low to high cable flies 3x10, pushups to failure

    Tri set #2: JM press 3x10, overhead cable tri press 3x12, Standing Lat Bar Pressdowns 3x10

    post workout: trioplex brownie and monster mass shake

    Notes: My chest, tris and anterior delts were incredible pumped. I also feel really good today. Great energy and mood. Not sure if its placebo or not

  3. I'll be in on this... So, how long are you planning to run this and at what dosage for each week?

  4. I'm planning to run 4 weeks at 50mg unless the guys at mr.supps would like me to run it differently. I haven't run this compound alone so I was just following the directions on the bottle. Any input would be great though.

  5. in to watch the diezel up his horsepower

  6. Quote Originally Posted by diezel View Post
    I'm planning to run 4 weeks at 50mg unless the guys at mr.supps would like me to run it differently. I haven't run this compound alone so I was just following the directions on the bottle. Any input would be great though.
    I don't think you will get much effect from only 50mg/day.. I am not speaking for the reps, and maybe they will tell you what they would like, But check out Army Guy's Helladrol log and read his dosing schedule. He is dosing it like I would...

  7. I feel much hungrier today then usual. I also ordered acne tame today , it'll be interesting to see how it works on my cycle, especially during pct.

  8. btw, This compound is known to take about 2 to 3 weeks to kick in.

  9. Do you have a link to army guy's log?

  10. Welcome to Hell(adrol) Army Guy style (sponsored)

    There ya go, and I think his dosing is like 75/100/100/125/150 hahahaha that is some serious dosage.

  11. I found it. I'll ask one of the reps. I have no problem bumping up my dosage .

  12. Not sure if I want to go that high . 100mg sounds good. Maybe 50/75/100/100. I may add another week too at 125 .

  13. I'll be running helladrol like this: 75/75/100/100/100

  14. Quote Originally Posted by diezel View Post
    I'll be running helladrol like this: 75/75/100/100/100
    Now that sounds like a healthy dose!

  15. I'll also be adding needtogaurd

  16. Another NTBM you know I'm in!!!
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  17. Today my diet wasn't the best, I didn't have time to make lunch and ended up getting a chicken burrito at chipotle, I also won a sandwhich at noodles and company for being super manly or something haha . It was handed to me randomly on the street.

    Todays workout



    weighted situps

    +40lb db x12
    +40lb db x10
    +40lb db x8
    + 40lb db x6

    Superset (not a true superset): Bent over row 4x6 at 225 and leg raises on dip station to failure

    Superset (not a true superset) : SLDL 3x8 at 225 (usually go heavier with these) and side jackknives

    Compound set : Good mornings 3x8 and leg curls on trx 3x10

  18. Today my weight is 195 so +1. I know its too soon to be kicking in, but I'm still excited. I'll be taking the day of today , I might do some stretching as I'm pretty sore today.

    In for sure


  20. some HELLA deads there brah

  21. Quote Originally Posted by BarbellBeast View Post
    some HELLA deads there brah
    Thanks. I'm hoping to get my deads back over 400. I think I'll need some wraps though, because at 405 my grip starts to go. I'm still feeling much hungrier than normal, it may be placebo, but I'm sure it'll help me get my weight up. I need to make sure they are clean calories though which can be hard. On a side note, are there sleep side effects with helladrol? Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep.

  22. Nice deadlifts pretty sure u r over 400 or atleast damn close.

  23. Day 5

    weight is at 195.5 +1.5

    Sleep was good last night I took 3 powerfull before bed and slept like a rock.
    Todays workout:

    T bar row:

    bar + 90lbs x12
    bar + 135lbs x10
    bar + 185lbs x8
    bar + 225 x 7

    Barbell Bench press

    275 x6

    Seated cable lat pulldown 3x10 (last set was a compound set with reverse grip pull down for 8 reps at 175lbs)

    Decline db Bench 3x10/Prone incline front raise 3x10/ straight arm rope pull down 3x10
    ( no rest inbetween exercises)

    Tri set : Reverse barbell curl 3x6/ E-Z Bar curl 3x8/ Drag Curl 3x10

    I was so pumped after this workout it hurt. My Lats, Bis and Chest felt great. Tomorrow is Delts , traps and quads.


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