Jeff's m4ohn cutting cycle

  1. Jeff's m4ohn cutting cycle

    Any intrest in me keeping a log on a ckd, m4ohn cutting cycle?

  2. Hell yeah . We need all the feedback we can get on this stuff.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by psywzrd
    Hell yeah . We need all the feedback we can get on this stuff.

    Second that.


  4. Please!

  5. Damn straight theres interest

    This should be the perfect cutting combo

  6. very interested

  7. um... ??

  8. hmmm....

  9. Well, NO then...

  10. Jeff will no longer be following a CKD
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  11. ****, I completely forgot that I started this thread

    Sorry about that, I actually used one of my 4 bottles solo just to try the compound out. I only used 12mg (1 pill 3x a day), give me a while, I'll find my old training logs on my computer and I'll post back with the results that I can remember.

    Thank god I am not doing the ckd anymore, I got a little burned out on that.


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