getting very antsy over here

  1. getting very antsy over here

    ok well I have 3/4 of my cycle at my house.  and all of my heffers cycle.  Me and my cow decided to go on a cycle together. 


    It will be 6 grams fina/5 grams 4ad in the T-gel with twice the amount of DMSO (yes maybe ill smell i dont not getting laid anyway).....  Using ECA while on through out.

    weeks 1 (maybe 1-2 depending on quantity)  remaining T1pro gel

    following T1pro gel,

     4weeks of fina mix, followed by clomid (liquid)


    taking 4 off, then will repeat the same thing, but will most likely get some liquid clen and toss it in....


    stats... 5'7, 190 11% bf,    i like fine dining, walks on the beach..wait


    final goal after this first cycle......198+ @ 7-8% bf.


    diet will be about 2500 cals a day.  Im not going to low or too high on this one.

    pics will be taken pre and post, I tried that before but my whole cycle got messed up and wasnt worth posting after pics..long story.


    any input feel free.



  2. Originally posted by hamper19

    diet will be about 2500 cals a day.  Im not going to low or too high on this one.
    Funny, my grandma eats the same number of cals. Maybe she can show you how to do tricep kickbacks and water aerobics too..... at 198, you're going to need more than 2500 cals. or grow assuming you're over 5'5 and you'll be of moderate activity level.

  3. lol.....that was just off the top of my head.  Can you post a link to where i can figure out the BMR again?....

    Im not much over 5' 


    before I actually starty my cycle, im going to sit down and plan out my nutrition and training a lot better, thats why I was saying I was getting antsy.  I'm not starting this until March or last week of feb actually.  then take april and first week of may off, then start again.


    thanks for the kind words though





  4. Try looking in my signature ol' helpless one.....

  5. with twice the amount of DMSO (yes maybe ill smell i dont not getting laid anyway)
    Hahah you read my thoughts on the issue

    Seriously though 20 percent is not a big step. Im trying pure dsmo and saran wrap, and like you i don't care i aint getting laid

  6. What parts will you rub the t gel into the cow?



  7. Also hamper be careful when you are rubbing in the tgel.. some of the cows might not like being roughly handled..  

  8. well my cows have been pampered since they were calves,  My stable hand would massage them daily so they are used to it...


    But i was probably going to go for the quad area....will have to shave my cows legs though......


    less ph in more surface area = better absorption

    I think thats what i read.


    Thanks YJ, honestly i don't look at sigs too here i go.



  9. got the BMR thing, question.  what do i enter for activity factor?


    is it a scale or something?



  10. How active are you? Most, a large percentage, are 'moderate'. Which is .5

  11. yeah moderate, i tried putting that in, but obviously when it said VALUE# 

    I knew i needed a number.



    If  I seem more helpless/dumb then usual don't mind me, I have lots of **** going on that sux...kinda has my mind in other places



  12. Glad to see you got some help Hamper before I had to show up. Hope your cows grow nice and lean and massage them daily.


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