M1T after a LONG Keto diet cycle

  1. M1T after a LONG Keto diet cycle

    Posted: Sat May 29, 2004 9:39 am Post subject: M1T cycle after LONG Keto cycle


    Background: This time last year I came off a keto cycle. I cycled with 1AD and PCT with 6 oxo. I did 2 cycles, 10 days (included 2 weekends) on and 4 weeks off. Prior to the Keto cycle (5 months) I was 187 with 16.7% BF and a 35.5" waist - the waist (love handles was the driving force behind the diet.) I was suprised of how low my weight had to drop to get my waist below my goal of 31.5" inches. I lost lots of muscle, strength but lots of fat. I ended the keto cycle as follows: weight 153 pounds, waist at 31.25", body fat 7.2%. I still had a little fat on my lower back - rear portion of the love handles. After the first 10 day cycle I was 175lbs with a 32.0" waist. Now remember, I just came off a keto diet which by nature reduces one's water weight to it's bare minimum. No carbs, no water weight. After the second cycle I was 185 lbs with a 33.5" waist. Unfortunately, by the end of the summer I was back at the original starting point 190 lbs with a 35.5" waist. I failed to diet properly! I was however the strongest I've ever been in my life.

    Fast foward: I have just ended another long keto cycle: Current stats:

    First thing in the morning "cold"
    Age 41
    Weight: 149lbs - I can't believe how low I had to go to hit my waist goal
    Waist (fattest part): 30.0" - YES! My new goal was met
    BF: 5.7% Chest 1MM, Thigh 6MM, Stomach 9MM,
    Measurements: R. arm 13.875", Chest 40.0", R. thigh 20.25"

    Time to get busy!

    Posted: Sat May 29, 2004 10:22 am Post subject: Dose and routine - comments please


    This time around I plan on gaining slower and dieting harder. My end of the summer goal is 185lbs with a 31.5" waist.

    First 16 days (includes 3 weekends): 5.0mg M1t one time ED in morning
    Next 19 days: nolva ml/day - 6,6,4.5,4.5,3,3,3,3,2,2,2,2,1. 5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1,1,1

    Calories/day on: day 1-7 2400, day 8-14 2700, day 15&16 3000
    Calories off: 2400/day
    6 meals with 30 -35 grams of protien each meal. Carbs only pre, during & post work out.
    Workout schedule: 2 day split on weekends, off mon & fri, on tue, wed, thur

    Comments: starting with low dose as my body weight/lean mass is very low. Could bump it up on second weekend if needed. Coming off a keto diet where I ate between 1800 & 2000 calories/wk so 2400 is a good starting point. Carbs will be limited to 150g /day. The rest is protein and good fats. This is where my latest keto diet is helpful as I have already developed the discipline and taste for "good" fats.

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    Posted: Sun May 30, 2004 6:44 am Post subject: Day 1- 05/29/04


    Decided on taking 7.5mg of M1T for first 2 days then stay at 5 mg the remainder of the week. Reason: first two days start off with a 2 day split routine and carbs for the first time since my last one day carb cycle two weeks ago - I want to minimize any fat gain. Roughly 4-5 hrs after my first M1T dose, I noticed a strange taste in my saliva and my hands had a smell very similar to, but somewhat stronger than, the first time I cycle 1AD last year....It's in there.

    Worked-out Chest in AM, Shoulders and Triceps PM.

    Hungry all day - really craved the carbs the entire day after getting a taste of them pre and post workouts. Last two meals were good protein and fat with no carbs. Consumed 200 grams of carbs. Feel fuller as the carbs are holding some water. I usually gain 5-6 pounds of water on carb-up days during my Keto cycles and then lose all the water 4-5 days later. I expect to gain 6-8 lbs of water the next two days and then level off.

    Feel a little tired - carbs and 2 day split or M1T? Towards the end of my 2nd 1AD cycle last year, I was very tired. I have LGP 4AD+ in waiting, but I really wanted to do this first cycle with only M1T to "test" the product and minimize water weight. Carbs plus 4AD would easily result in 10-12 pounds of water the first week.

    Posted: Sun May 30, 2004 5:25 pm Post subject: Day 2


    Weight: 153 lbs +4 lbs - 100% water weight due to introduction of carbs.
    Waist: 30.25" +0.25" - "

    I just finished the second workout of my two day weekend split. I was extremely tired today and needed a boost for my second workout. I drank roughly 40oz of coffee. It got me going. Had a decent workout. The "hot" coffee raised my core temp and in combination with the caffeine I sweated through the entire workout.

    No real "pumps" to speak of but that will change soon as my muscles are just begining to uptake glycogen after the long Keto diet and I'm slowly raising my daily calories. One needs to increase carbs/calories gradually after Keto as the propensity for glycogen "spilling over" into the fat cells is high. Rest day tomorrow. I'm going to try and limit carbs to less than 5 grams. Tuesday - Thursday: 2 no carb meals in a.m., an apple at work around12:00 noon, 30 minutes later a light glycogen depleation workout (small gym at work) for the targeted muscle groups and then eat two 450 cal (75g carb/35g protein) meals before I go home. "Heavy" workout at home for the same targeted body parts and post workout another 75/35 meal. Before bed it's a 450 calorie no carb shake as follows: 70 cc of whole egg protein powder + 95cc of calcium caseinate + 1 tbls flax oil: 55g slow releasing protein + 25g of fat.

    Target calories for Tues-Thurs is 2700/day with 250g carbs, 175g protein and 145g "good" fats. 3 Protein + Fat meals, 3 Protein + Carb meals, 1 apple prior to glycogen depleation workout. M1T at 7.5mg/day - feels like to right dose for me.

    Posted: Mon May 31, 2004 8:11 am Post subject: Day 3


    Stats this morning cold:

    Weight: 154lbs +5 lbs
    Waist 30.5" + 0.5"

    Today is a rest day and I will limit carbs to less than 5 grams. I expect to lose some of the water weight gained the past two days but hopefully with the addition of M1T, high calories and protein, my muscles recoup. I am very sore - a good feeling.

    Other supplements I am taking:
    M1T 7.5mg first thing in the morning
    4 LEF multivitamin caps with each meal
    Hawthorn Berry 550 mgs 4 times/day
    Milk thistle 150 mgs last two meals of day
    ALA 250 mgs prior to each carb meal

    Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2004 8:27 pm Post subject: Day 4


    Stats this morning cold:

    Weight: 155lbs +6 lbs
    Waist 30.5" + 0.5"

    I thought for sure I would lose one lb or maybe two vs. the previous day from not consuming carbs over the past 30 hours. I have never gained weight on a zero carb days. Must be M1T. My workout this evening was the best I have had in 6 months. Pumps were a 7/8 on a scale of 1-10. Strength was unbelieveable. I still can't get over the weight moved vs. my last workout. I did need a kick start as I was not in a workout mindset. Two cups of Jo got me going. Even though the pumps were better than average, the thing that differentiates them from the normal pump is the duration. It has been 1 hour and a post workout shake later and my muscles still feel "full".

    Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 8:07 pm Post subject: Day 5


    Stats this morning cold:

    Weight: 156.5lbs +7.5 lbs
    Waist 30.5" + 0.5"

    I am was up another 1 1/2 lbs this morning...this is crazy as I have really been watching what I am eating. Not like last year's 1AD cycle where I put on 20 lbs in a little less than 2 weeks - coming straight out of 4 months of Keto diet. I am still limiting carbs to pre and post workout meals only. Keeping calories around 2700/day.

    Tonight's workout was just O.K. I was looking forward to it all day and I was disappointed in the results and lack of intense pumps. Strength was up a tad. Yesterday's workout was just the opposit. Initially, it was hard to get motivated but once it got going, it took on a life of its own (good pumps and fantastic strength) and turned out to be one of the best workouts this year. Every workout is different. Let's see what tomorrow brings. I am going to get a solid 8 hours of shuteye tonight.

    Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2004 8:48 pm Post subject: Day 6


    Stats this morning cold:

    Weight: 157.5lbs +8.5 lbs
    Waist 30.75" + 0.75"

    Up 1 lb from yesterday. This morning I awoke around 1:00 am mildly hungry. I made a quick shake and back to bed with a full belly. Waist measured slightly over 30.5" so I rounded up. I do look smooth in the midsection. Not cut like I did coming off of Keto. The weight gain, 8.5 lbs in only 6 days, is a little too fast for my liking. I know there is muscle gain, but probably equal gains of water and fat. Tomorrow is a rest and carb free day. Depending what I weigh Saturday morning will decide on if I cut back slightly on the calories. Also, if my waist ever measures over 30.75" during this cycle, I will immediately reduce pre and post workout carbs by 50%.

    Today's workout was good (legs) - very strong. I am very impressed with the strength gains from M1T. So far no sides to speak of...maybe a little lethargy but nothing major.

    Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2004 8:07 pm Post subject: Day 7


    Stats this morning cold:

    Weight: 157.5lbs +8.5 lbs
    Waist 30.75" + 0.75"

    Finally, a day where I don't gain weight vs the previous day. I expect the same or possibly 1/2 pound reduction tomorrow morning as today was a no carb rest day. I have eaten every 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours but I can tell I am losing water (too many trips to the bathroom). It would be nice to see the waist measurement slip at or below the 30.5" mark tomorrow morning as well. I am looking forward to this weekend's two day splits and will probably add 2.5mg of M1T before the afternoon workouts.

  2. 1st week results:

    First thing in the morning "cold"

    Weight: 158.5 + 9.5 lbs
    Waist (fattest part - belly button): 30.75" + 0.75"
    BF: 5.9% + 0.2%: Chest 1MM (no change), Thigh 6MM (no change), Stomach 10MM +1MM,
    Measurements: R. arm 14.875" + 1.0", Chest 41.5" +1.5", R. thigh 21.125" +7/8"

    I definitely look bigger in the mirror and while I expected fairly good gains due to having zero glycogen in my muscles during last week's measurements, I did not think I would "fill out" as quick as I did. The wife says I look so much better than last week. She's been on me for the past two months to stop the diet. She said I looked sickly. I admit, 149lbs on a 6 foot frame is extremely thin. However, I have never been that cut and vascular before. Speaking of vascularity, the M1T has greatly added to my vascularity in terms of larger veins - I like this look and hope it remains. Strength continues to increase at a fast rate. I am very happy with my strength gains so far. I will post before and after strength comparisons after this weekend's workouts.

    So far no sides that I can tell. Still on a relatively low dose, but equivalent for my low muscle mass. Current dose 7.5mg morning and 2.5 mg 1 hr before workout. Depending on how this weekend goes, I may raise the afternoon dose to 5 mg next week.

  3. Day 9

    Stats this morning cold:

    Weight: 163.5 lbs +14.5 lbs
    Waist 31.25" + 1.25"

    Man I ate a lot yesterday. It was fairly clean but entirely too much - especially the last two meals which both consisted of approx. 75 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs (mostly simple) but little to no fat. I also woke at 4:00 am and downed a carbless shake - 1/3 cup of whole egg powder (14g pr & 12g f), 1/2 cup caseinate (41g pr) and 1/2 tbls spoon of flax oil (7g f). Total: 400 calories, 55g slow absorbing protein and 20 grams of fairly good fat.

    From my stats, you can see I gained "5 lbs" from yesterday's morning weigh-in. I also added 1/2 inch to my waist. Obvoiously there is a lot of water associated with those carbs. The 300 grams of carbs are the most carbs I've consumed in two sittings the past 6 months. Heck, even my once every 10-14 day "carbs" meals during the Keto diet were only 50 grams total.

    Yesterday's workout was a split session. Chest morning, Shoulders, Triceps & Traps early evening. The two meals came after the workout. It really felt as if my body was screaming "FEED ME".

    Needless to say, I feel very full this morning and look very smooth. My vascularity is down from yesterday. Today is another split session but I am starting to feel a little over trained. I think I will do one set of 20 rep squats and eat very clean at maintenence levels with a few more calories for after the workout. I will be taking Monday off.

    This morning I increased the morning dosage of M1T to 10 grams. I will take another 2.5 grams before a short afternoon (and after workout) nap.

    I must say I am really bummed about the gain in my waist. I dieted too hard to get to 30" and not even 10 days later I'm up 1 1/4". I hope the water I lose from this 5 lb gain comes from my waist as well. The thought that the increase could be fat only is depressing.
  4. Day 10

    Stats this morning cold:

    Weight: 162.5lbs +13.5 lbs
    Waist 31.00" + 1.00"

    Lost a pound and 0.25" off my waist vs the previous day. Dieted very strict yesterday with good quality protein and minimal carbs. Today was another strict diet day with zero carbs but lots of protein and healthy fats. I feel like I lost another lb or so of water and I am much more vascular than I was Saturday evening after those two "cheat" meals. We will see tomorrow morning. Today was a rest day. Tomorrow starts my final week of M1T. Only two more workouts per body part remains during this cycle. I am expecting good solid pumps and continued strength increases. If I could finish this Sunday at 165 lbs with the same 31.00" waist, I would be happy. 170 @ 31.25 would work as well. As previously mentioned, my goal before the cycle was to gain as much weight as possible while keeping my waist at or below 31.00". I am going to limit daily carbs to 50 grams 2 hrs before Tues, Weds and Thurs workouts and another 75 grams of simple sugars afterwards.
  5. Day 16: cycle ended, begin PCT

    Stats: All measurements taken cold, first thing in the morning

    Measurement: 5/29/04 to 6/13/04 +/- the difference

    Weight: 149.0 lbs to 168.0 lbs +19.0 lbs

    Body fat: 5.9% to 8.1% + 2.2% (7 point system as follows)

    Chest: 1MM to 1MM
    Abdominal: 9MM to 13MM
    Thigh: 6MM to 8MM
    SuperIL: 5MM to 8MM
    Scapala: 7MM to 9MM
    Midline: 3MM to 4 MM
    Triceps: 4MM to 5MM

    Lean body mass 140.1 lbs to 154.4 lbs +14.3 lbs
    Fat mass 8.9 lbs to 13.6 lbs +4.7 lbs

    Chest: 40.0" to 43.375 + 3.375"
    R. Thigh: 20.25" to 21.625" +1.375"
    R. Arm: 13.875" to 15.125" +1.25"


    BP: 165 lbs for 4 reps to 205 lbs for 4 reps and/or 185lbs for 9 reps
    Squat: 135 lbs for 7 reps to 135 lbs for 20 reps and/or 185 lbs for 4 reps.

    Woke up at 2:00 am and took 80mg of nolva (first dose) and downed a carb free shake.

    Will diet hard this week. Keeping up the calories and limiting the carbs to 50 pre and 75 post workout. Will be consuming creatine during PCT both pre and post workout. I will keep protein fairly high but not as high as when on M1T. I will target 200 -210 grams/day. Really need to concentrate on eating healthy fats only. I will post a measurement update on Sundays during PCT (3 weeks). The goal is to keep weight at or above 165lbs and hopefully see a reduction in my waist to 31.25. I was hoping to end this cycle with a waist no larger than 31.0. I need to really be careful during my next cycle and concentrate on lean body mass gain only. For the remainder of the summer, I'm contemplating doing 2 - 10 day M1T cycles followed by 20 day PCT. I have changed my end of the summer goal to 185 lbs (same) and 32.0" waist (up 0.5"). This equates to 7-8 lb lean mass gain during each 10 day cycle with no appreciable loss during PCT and no increases in waist size. This will be very challenging but I am hoping that as I grow stronger, I can push heavier weights resulting in higher quality gains. I also believe some of the waist increase is due to my stomach muscles getting bigger as well. So while my waistline will be targeted, I will also strive to keep body fat at the current level of 8%.

  6. PCT - end of Week 1

    Stats: All measurements taken cold, first thing in the morning

    Measurement: end of cycle 6/13/04 to 6/20/04 +/- the difference

    Weight: 168.0 lbs to 167.5 lbs -0.5 lbs
    Waist: 31.5" to 31.5" no change

    Body fat: 8.1% to 7.3% - 0.8% (7 point system as follows)

    Chest: 1MM to 1MM
    Abdominal: 13MM to 11MM
    Thigh: 8MM to 7MM
    SuperIL: 8MM to 7MM
    Scapala: 9MM to 8MM
    Midline: 4MM to 4 MM
    Triceps: 5MM to 5MM

    Lean body mass 154.4 lbs to 155.3 lbs +0.9 lbs
    Fat mass 13.6 lbs to 12.2 lbs -0.6 lbs

    Chest: 43.375" to 43.125" -0.125"
    R. Thigh: 21.675" to 22.0" +0.375"
    R. Arm: 15.125" to 15.125" no change


    BP: Added 1 rep to 185 lb max from 9 to 10 and added 2 reps to 205 lbs from 3 to 5 reps
    Squat: From 135 lbs to 147.5 for 20 reps

    For PCT I did Nolv ml ED as follows: 6.0, 4.5, 4.5, 4.5, 3, 3, 3, 3. I took 6OXO (left over) first two days at 4 capsules dose and then finished with 6 caps on day 5. I took Trib (4 caps) every day first thing in morn. I am also consuming creatine at 10 grams ED on workout days (5 pre and 5 post).

    The Good: weight and body part measurements statistically the same from last week. Strength is up this week - especially legs - squats feel very strong and stable. My form is excellent and I descend very low. I am really concentrating on form during my workouts - very strict reps. While the BF calipers show a slight improvement, I don't see it in the mirror and chalk it up to potential variance in measurements - we will see next week.

    The Bad: I have a mild case of upper back and chest acne. Not sure if it is the Nolva or Trib. I am cutting out the trib begining tomorrow (last dose was this morning) so we will see. I look smooth and don't "feel" pumped like I did while on cycle. The creatine is helping to keep muscles full (water). Without the creatine, I feel I could be down an additional 1-2 lbs in weight.

    Verdict: A decent 1st week of PCT. Focus in the gym is good. Pumps are better than average. I really think the Nolva and Trib have got the testicles back in action. I believe in front loading the nolva the first three days - initial dose of 6 mls late night (same day as last dose of M1T) followed by next dose (4.5ml) the following early evening was/is key to getting things moving. I also made sure that the afternoon dose (prior to workout) of M1T was always before 4 pm and was 1/2 or less than the morning dose. I believe all these things combined contribute rebounding quicker. Plus my cycle was only 16 days in length.

    Mentally, I now know that I will maintain my weight and strength through this PCT cycle!

    Two more weeks PCT followed by one "clean" week and then I will do a 10 day cycle. I've decided on 10 days on followed by 28 days off (3 wks with nolva at doses previously reported) and then one clean week. I will do 2 more cycles this summer. Afterwhich, I will add an additional 4 "clean" weeks in preparation for a long 6-8 wk bulk cycle - maybe a 4 AD + 1Test during late fall and early winter. Following PCT and some "clean" time off, I will run two cutting cycles late winter early spring. I say two because what I have found is that two short cycles of 4-5 weeks with a 2 week "break" at medium carbs, low fat and maintenance level calories really helps the gains (or losses in this case) to keep coming. Next Spring 170 lbs at 30.0" waist and/or 5.0% BF.
  7. PCT - end of week 2

    Stats: All measurements taken cold, first thing in the morning

    Measurement: end of cycle 6/13/04 to 6/27/04 +/- the difference

    Weight: 168.0 lbs to 166.0 lbs -2.0 lbs
    Waist: 31.5" to 31.5" no change

    Body fat: 8.1% to 7.6% - 0.5% (7 point system as follows)

    Chest: 1MM to 1MM
    Abdominal: 13MM to 12MM
    Thigh: 8MM to 6MM
    SuperIL: 8MM to 8MM
    Scapala: 9MM to 9MM
    Midline: 4MM to 4 MM
    Triceps: 5MM to 5MM

    Lean body mass 154.4 lbs to 153.4 lbs -1.0 lbs
    Fat mass 13.6 lbs to 12.6 lbs -1.0 lbs

    Chest: 43.375" to 42.875" -0.5"
    R. Thigh: 21.625" to 21.875" +0.25"
    R. Arm: 15.125" to 15.0" -0.125"


    BP: Added 3 reps to 205 lbs from 3 to 6 reps. added 3 reps to 225 lbs from 0 to 3 reps.
    Squat: From 135 lbs to 155 lbs for 20 reps

    End of week 2 and I feel good. Still gaining strength. I feel any water weight is now gone as I have been strictly following a medium carb diet - carbs pre and post workout only. I will continue to run clean until I hit a plateau. I have also upped my rest days and now typically work a body part once every 6 days - more frequent than that and I feel like I'm overtraining. Next Sunday completes my PCT and I will post my pre, post and PCT statistics.
  8. Finished PCT

    All stats taken cold, first thing in the morning.

    The following are Before (cycle), After (cycle), After PCT:

    Weight, lbs. - 149, 168, 165
    Lean wt., lbs - 140, 154, 152
    Fat wt., lbs - 9, 14, 13

    Waist, inches - 30, 31.5, 31.5

    Body fat, % - 5.9, 8.1, 7.9 (7 point system as follows)
    Chest: 1MM, 1MM, 1MM
    Abdominal: 9MM, 13MM, 13MM
    Thigh: 6MM, 8MM, 6MM
    SuperIL: 5MM, 8MM, 9MM
    Scapala: 7MM, 9MM, 9MM
    Midline: 3MM, 4MM, 4MM
    Triceps: 4MM, 5MM, 5MM

    Measurements, inches:
    Chest: 40.0, 43.375, 43.25
    R. Thigh: 20.25, 21.625, 22.0
    R. Arm: 13.875, 15.125, 15.0

    BPress - increased 3 rep maximum by 40 lbs.
    Squat - increased 20 rep maximum by 30 lbs.

    Final comments: This was a good cycle. My strength continues to increase although much slower once off-cycle. Results, after PCT, are that I added 12 lbs of muscle and 4 lbs of fat. My waist increased 1.5 inches. While a majority of the waist gain is fat (especially around the navel with very little increase in the love handles), I know some of the increase is attributable to larger and stronger lower back and stomach muscles. My golden rule, after my last diet, is to never exceed 8% BF. It is too difficult to diet down and the strength gains one loses are demoralizing. I am now contemplating a very strict 4-6 week cycle of 1-test & M4OHN and CKD diet with the hopes of some body comp changes. My goal would be a 31 inch waist (-0.5 inches), same body weight (165lbs) and 6.5% BF (-1.5%). This equates to 2.5lbs of fat loss and a 2.5 lb gain in lean muscle mass. I would also like to see by Bench press go from 225x3 reps to 225x8 reps as an indication of strength improvement.


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