Protomax Run

  1. Protomax Run

    This is my first go at a PH. Just wanted to put it out here and see what you think of my set up, let me know if I'm missing anything. I did A LOT of research on all this. But you can't trump experience.

    Cycle Support
    Protomax - at recommended doses
    Cycle Support
    Toco 8
    Nolva @ 20/20/10/10
    Cycle Support
    Toco 8
    Reversitol V2

    Whey of course. And Casein at night.

    All of these will be at recommended doses unless otherwise specified.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

  2. First off...welcome to AM!

    I'm in the second week of my first PH cycle and I'm running Protomax as well. I think everything looks pretty good with your plan but I would suggest thinking about increasing the Proto dose to 75mg after a week or so. I've been following the other logs and the ones that report positive results seem to a result of higher dosages. I ran 50mg for the fist week and bumped to 75mg a few days ago. I haven't really noticed much yet but do seem to leaning out some but nothing to note as far as strength goes. My goal was more of a recomp anyway so it's all good thus far.

    Good luck and I'll follow your log as see how it goes. I'm running a log as well so stop by and check it out.

  3. Day 1: Chest and Tris
    Weight: 169
    Been a little while since I started this. Been preloading on the Cycle Support. BUT I dropped the first three Protomax today. Read alot about people bumping it up to 75 and seeing good results so I decided to follow.

    Goals: Add 5+ pounds of lean muscle. I eat as clean as I can. Being that I live on the ship, i'm at the cooks mercy..sometimes we have burgers for dinner. I salvage what I can and supplment the rest with Optimum Serious Mass to get the rest of my calories and what not.

    The workout was good dispite a **** ton of people in the gym. I'm currently on a ship so the gym we have is pretty small. We pull in tomorrow for a while so I figure I shouldn't have that problem anymore. No extrodinary pump, decided to stop the pre-workout supps just to gage the pumps I get from Proto, might start taking them again later on.

    Nothing to report.

    Been REALLY thursty, been drinkin a shiit ton of water. Haven't been using the bathroom as much as I expected. lol

  4. Day 2: Legs

    Not really much difference from previous day.
    Good workout.

    Day 3:Off

    Nothing to report, Libido seems to be up.
    ate like horse. Was the first time I had a home cooked meal, been living on that ship food for the past 5 months.

    Day 4 @ 75mg:Shoulders

    Great workout today, great pump. Starting to feel a lot more focused in the workouts, strength seems to be up, maybe all in my head. Deff a great workout, feeling that alpha male feeling. No sides to report and libido is the same. Noticing a little atrophy in the boys

  5. 75-100mg is where it's at, PhFREAK. DON'T BE SKUURD!!!! nah, but real talk, up the dosage and you'll be in full effect mode.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by princevince View Post
    75-100mg is where it's at, PhFREAK. DON'T BE SKUURD!!!! nah, but real talk, up the dosage and you'll be in full effect mode.
    for sure man! I just got another bottle too. My buddy thought he was going to jail so he wanted to try out some PH..but he just figured out he's not he gave it to me haha

  7. Day 7
    173 lbs (+4)

    Haven't updated it every day..obviously. Figured I would make random posts, only with noteworthy comments.

    Up 4 pounds since I started, pretty pumped. I'm currently on a 4 day split
    Monday-Chest Tris
    Tuesday- Legs
    Wednesday- Off
    Thursday- Shoulders
    Friday- Back Bis
    Sat & Sun - Off

    Although this Saturday I was feeling into it and did some 100s for back (lats), Bi's, Tri's, and Traps...Low weight, going real slow and gettin a nice an amazing pump.

    Not too much to note on sides..Libido seems to be fine. Any questions I'd be happy to answer.

  8. Following along on this one. Good gains! What do you see in the mirror? Any leaning out or gains in any certain areas? How's the vascularity & pumps throughout the day? Energy or lethargy?

    Thanks in advance-

    might give this a go sometime next year.

  9. Great, didn't think this was going to be too big of a hit with people doing much bigger stuff than this. haha Welcome.

    Day 14: Chest and Tris

    I've definitely noticed I've been leaning out it my mid section..abs are much more noticeable. Which is funny because I've upped my calorie intake to about 4k a day. I have read that with Protomax you should be able to add a decent amount of muscle while still shedding some body fat.

    A little lethargic during the day, but once I get going I'm good for the day. Just a little tough to get started some days..since I don't drink coffee.

    The pumps and vascularity are greaaat. I feel like a monster in the gym. Today I felt some major strength gains...My bench went like this today

    225# - 4 reps max (Just to see if I could and where I was at)
    175# - 10 reps
    185# - 8 reps
    195# - 6 reps

    Found it pretty cool I was able to bust out 225 4 times..then go though and do all my sets without a spot.

    Libido is deff. up
    Hunger is though the roof..

    Anything else?

    also it's funny..I got my first acquisition of being on gear:
    me and my buddy took the new girl at work out for a bite to eat and to show her around town. So we're sitting there eating. She had Chicken Alfredo, and she asked me if I wanted the rest of it. I said sure and scarfed it down. She said she was going up to the bar to get some drink and asked what we buddy got his drink...I told her no thank you, that I wasn't drinking and she says this "Why because of the roids?!?" So I gave her the classic answer.. "I'm not on roids, just peanut butter and push ups"

  10. Also I was considering upping my dosage to 100mg ED for the last two weeks. I will decide tonight.

  11. Damn, everythings looking great! You've definitely got me wanting to try this stuff!!

  12. Dat-a-boy PHreak, things are lookin on the up&up i see. Love me some P-max bro, got a bottle in the stash for a later run. glad to see things are happen'n for you on the p-max. gotta love them woodies too,lol.
    as for the lethargy try adding a pwo to the mix. i just purchased a jar of 1.MR by BPI and that stuff ain't no joke. that stuff be havin me amped for like 6 hours. you'll think you've taken some superdrol between the 1MR and Protomax, real talk

  13. Hey PhREAK....just got the chance to check back in....looks like ProtoMax is treating you good. Keep it up...we'll be following along!

  14. PCT Day 1 Shoulders
    Weight: 175 (+6)

    Not too much to report. I'll answer any questions..

    Libido: Great throughout the whole cycle. PCT seems to be the same. I have read that TCF-1 will boost it like crazy, so I'm excited.

    Strength: Still up. Felt like a beast on Clean and Press today. Last set of 4 was [email protected] reps

    Pump: Great..I added in some Jack3d for the pct.

    Sides: None to report. Although for the last week I bumped up the dosage to 100mg ED and get very lethargic. So I only kept it at 100 for a day or two then dropped it back down to 75. 75mg seems to be the sweet spot.

    Getting a lot of "Dude you got big!"

    Also..Liquid Nolva tastes terrible.
    TCF-1 tastes great. haha


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