Need help creating best cycle from my small collection.

  1. Need help creating best cycle from my small collection.

    Ok so over the past month or so I have collected one 10ml vile each of Parabolon QV 80, Deca QV 200, Enantat QV 250 and two 10 ML viles of Andropen 275 by British Dragon Pharm. I have done a bunch of research but you know how it is on the web, one web site says one thing and another says the exact opposite. So I would like to get some professional opinions. I have cycled before (this would be my third time) but this will be the first time with any of the QV products. My goal is to gain muscle strength and mass. I firmly believe in a quality diet and when I am cycling I do follow the appropriate calorie intake. Again, these are all I have and need to see if this is enough to have a successfully cycle or two. So kinda looking for info on if I should stack the Parabolon with the Andropen or Enantat for the first cycle and then cycle off and recover then for the next cycle stack the Deca with which ever I didn't use the first cycle. Or do I need more then what I currently have. My resource for getting this stuff is HIGHLY unrelibalbe and I am limited to what he has when he has it which is VERY limited and not very often. I have not started anything just trying to put together a good plan of attack. Thanks in advance for all your wisdom.


  2. Get Test and build on that. Test should be your base if you're trying to bulk. Just my .02

  3. Test kicked off with an oral

  4. Don't know how much Deca u got, but test/deca is good one. you can add Dbol. read up

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