Update (Sage)

  1. Update (Sage)

    Thought ill chime in with my current cycle. This is by far my favorite and cant wait to see what the second half of the cycle will bring.
    week 1-10 test prop 100mg ed
    week 1-10 eq 400mg/week
    week 1-5/6 tren 75mg ed (planned on 6 weeks, end at 5 1/2)
    week 5-12 anavar 35mg/day (looking like ill be short a week or two on this one though)
    Also been sneaking in 250mg of enanthate per week for the past several. will end it after week 8.
    10mg/day nolvadex and .25 mg/day arimidex
    Currently 2 days past the 6 week mark. BF% down without a doubt. weight up only 5-6 but im looking damn good in the mirror bros. My diet the past 4 weeks been dead on. Only dark spot throughtout the last month has been protein bars.... i take in 2-3 a day easy. The few weeks prior to that, the diet wasnt as solid since i had my girl in the city, so had many temptations with us going out, and living in nyc.

  2. ha this looks damn close to mine, except mine is:

    1-16 t-prop 100mg ED
    1-7 winny at 50mg ED
    8-14 fina at 75mg ED
    12-16 M4OHN 12mg ED
    8-11 t-3
    13-16 clen

    the reason why it looks so damn weird, is because i was supposed to end at week 8 as a prop/winny cycle, but i wanted some fina and t-3 in there so i made it longer, and then m4ohn just random got thrown in. =D i'm a pin cushion around week 11 to say the least. bf% went from 13.8% to 10%, hope to get to 8% by the time i'm done.

  3. Brother, how far in are you on this cycle? The prop/tren pretty nice eh?

  4. mid week 11, working real well!

  5. ugh, how in the hell can yall do those ED for so long, bleh

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jarconis
    ugh, how in the hell can yall do those ED for so long, bleh
    it was supposed to be a 6 weeker, somehow it turned into a 16 weeker, and let me tell you its real killer. I'm so ****en sick of it, i wait until the very last possible minute right before bed before injecting. Keeping your ****en legs steady and not twitching while on clen is an interesting experience in itself.

    But everytime i look in the mirror, or when a girl grabs my pec and says "wow, you're so hard" makes it all worth it i guess.

  7. sage-hows your cycle going man?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by JonBlaze639
    sage-hows your cycle going man?
    Responding 3 weeks after the question isnt too late is it?
    Its been a week and a half since the end of the cycle. Post cycle has gone as expected. No strenght lost. I didnt retain much water throughout the cycle, assisted by arimidex. Here's the final breakdown..... might throw in more numbers later... just dont have the time now.

    April 15th: 5 feet 9 inch
    Body weight: 179-180lb
    Body fat %: 10.5%

    June 30th:
    Body weight: 185-186 lb
    Body fat%: 8.5%

    Not bad. But my social life hampered gains heavily during the later weeks. Dediciation and being strict with your plans is vital.... i wasnt.

  9. thats cool tho Sage, dont be a meathead, its not like you are gunning for the Olympia this year or something...


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