New Juicer, first Injection advice ??

  1. New Juicer, first Injection advice ??

    Im 5' 7 172lbs, about 8 percent body fat. I recently finished an 8 week cycle of Anavar, did 40mg the first 2 weeks, 60mg the next 3 and 80mg the last 3. Some have advised against that, but as it turns out it is quite mild and I was comfortable upping my dose. I even did 20mg Tamoxifen for 20 days as a precaution.

    I did great on the cycle, from 163lbs to 180lbs, now I've cut down to 172. Looking good and still very strong.

    But now I'm ready for the big leagues! I want to run a 10 week cycle of test enanthate. I cant bulk too much because I fight at 155lbs. My goal is to be as strong as possible at as low a weight as possible. Thinking of stacking anavar with this cycle? ANY advice or input will be greatly appreciated thanks!

  2. 17lbs on 8 weeks of anavar, sure that was dbol? Those are pretty amazing weight gains for var...

    Did you have bloodwork done, I am very interested to see sometimes lipid and liver values after a var only cycle

  3. If you want to gain strength and not weight i would stay away from test-e maybe go with a 8 to 10 weeker on test-p at a low dose.

  4. he's right...test E will make you gain 10-15lbs....some will be water, but at your bf% cutting from what you would be at 182-187 down to 155 would really you would be killing all your gains....

  5. I was thinking maybe run
    Test Enanthate 400mg a week for 10 weeks with
    20mg Tamoxifen mon,thur,sun during cycle.
    Then stack some high quality Anavar the last five weeks at 40mg a day.
    Post cycle 40mg tamoxifen daily and HCG

    I had a friend run a similar cycle and gain 10lbs.
    On my Var cycle I only gained so much (17lbs) because I ate an enormous amount of calories and protein and lifted heavy as possible.

    This new cycle I plan on keeping more of a cardio/conditioning program for lean muscle rather than bulk like I did with the Var. SO MY PLAN is to not lift for maybe 2 or 3 weeks pre cycle cardio only, similar to before a fight. Get down to 165 from about 174 that I am now. And then get nasty on some a test/var cycle. I gotta figure I'll drop about 5 in water weight post cycle right?

    Again I really do appreciate any input or feedback thanx!

  6. And lennoxchi I havent looked into how or how much to do of test prop. but why do you think that that will keep me leaner than test e? And I also heard the test prop shot hurts a bunch is that true?

  7. Going off your current weight and bf, you can't really get any stronger without gaining more weight. Move up weight classes, 150 is hard cut from where you are at.

    As far as gear goes, test is going to make you gain a decent amount as well. Way more than var did. How the hell you gained that much on var I have no clue. Deep pockets though man...

  8. Yea I would totally move up a class, not such a huge deal. But many fighters cut as much as 20, more than that usually doesnt go well.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Killerb View Post
    Yea I would totally move up a class, not such a huge deal. But many fighters cut as much as 20, more than that usually doesnt go well.
    I cut close to 30....but test Prop will give you leaner gains then Test E because you will get less bloat and water retention from it.

  10. i'm gonna go against the grain and say test e, with a clean diet- high pro, clean carbs, low sodium diet will yield some quality lean muscle gains with little water retention. especially with the right training regimen. fast paced workouts, higher reps w/ drop, super and giant sets, combined with cardio, plus all the fight training.. i think you could put on some nice lean muscle without increased bf % and h20 bloat.


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