wanting to start a cycle but clueless

  1. wanting to start a cycle but clueless

    right, im getting 25mg dbol injectable and ima do 300 mg of deca, i have no clue of what to do when it comes to injecting as i only done tabs. how do i run the cycles with each other and how ofter do i take them. im a whopping 165 pounds and wanting to gain gain gain, my diet as of a week ago is 5000+ cals and 275+ protein, drink a gallon of whole milk a day. i have done dbol but only tabs and never done deca. also im not rushing into this i cant find a good site for a injectable dbol cycle. anything else i should jump on? any advice will be appreciated. thanks

  2. Dbol and deca cycle this will shut you down big time you need some test in there mate . First injectable cycle you should go for test e or cypionate you can kick start it with dbol or take deca and the test together . But to be honest I would stick to test e or c with a dbol kick . Dbol with blow you up and the test e or c will harden it up and you will keep more of the size . Just my two cents dude . Keep us posted .

  3. I think you are rushing in too soon. 165? You should eat like a madman and gain another 15-25 lbs naturally first IMO. BUT, if you are going to do this, read Unreal`s Guide to injectables in this section. He is our resident guru/go to guy for questions. His guides are packed with real life info(no broscience). It can only help you if you are willing to read it and learn from it. I`d also read the Superdrol guide just because you can learn from it.

  4. Ya u have plenty to learn about dieting and lifting before u do ANOTHER cycle. Please stop doing unnecessary harm to ur body.

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