Starting a cycle after Clomid?

  1. Starting a cycle after Clomid?

    Just had a quick question, Ive been off cycle since the end of May and I started taking Clomid about 12 days ago because I felt i really wasnt fully recovered and 12 days in I really feel back to my old self. So I was wondered when i finish the 30 days of Clomid would it be a good idea to start a cycle soon after?


  2. How long was that previous cycle?

  3. 6 weeks.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Texan281 View Post
    6 weeks.
    I would say your good then.

  5. Id say give ur body more time to return to homeostasis after u finish the clomid.

    But Im also the guy running a 4 compound stack so lol.

  6. Wait 2-4 more wks


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