Sexual sides related PH questions.

  1. Sexual sides related PH questions.

    Hey everyone, rather than thread-jack someone else's topic, thought I'd just start my own.

    With average (say, recommend dose on bottle dosing, for around 6 weeks we'll say, for a starting point) how would everyone rate the extremes of sexual side effects with the follow products?

    1) Bold
    2) H-Drol
    3) Stano
    4) Epi
    5) Tren
    6) Superdrol

    I know everyone reacts different and cupport supps can change the effects too, but in general. May help me and others out.

    Oh yeah, maybe what could be taken during cycle too to counter any neagtive effects on this these compounds could have.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Superdrol equals mega boners..
    Tren usually means deca ****.
    heard h-drol is great for libido
    epi may harm libido due to estrogen decreasing

    Get test, 20 boners a day lol

  3. Thanks for the reply, mang!

    OK, so sounds like tren hurts it and possibly Epi?

    I'm suprised you say Superdrol doesn't, from all I've read it is basically side effects a plenty!

    When you say get test, I assume you mean something that needs pinning? Or am I wrong?

  4. That is right!

    And I have no sides with superdrol.

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