Anyone do 6 week cycles anymore?

  1. Anyone do 6 week cycles anymore?

    This is the plan...

    Weeks 1-2
    S1+(1T+4AD) 8ml per day
    Superdrol 10mg

    Weeks 3-6
    1T Tren
    M1-D 3caps per day

  2. S1+?

    I envy you, sir.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. haha, yep found some at my brothers house, it was vaccum sealed so it should be good.

  4. your cycle should pack some punch.

  5. Just don't know if the Superdrol is too much. I may be seriously shut down from this cycle?

  6. Ive never seen a cycle like that lol... looks cool though


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