clomid sides

  1. clomid sides

    anybody out there ever experienced alot of visual distortions (aka tracers)
    from the ol' clo? i got them pretty severely especially when waking in the morning or say coming into the light after being in the dark. interesting at first, but jeez took a few days to let up.

  2. yes.. one of the more common side effects of clomid...

  3. How much of clomid were you taking? Nolva also causes the same problem but at higher doses.

  4. It happens.

  5. started "high" like 150-200/day, but still had it at like 50/day. i could handle it, but was concerned it might be more than temporary. thanks for replies dudes

  6. Sooooooo, THAT's what caused that...I had that with Nolva


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