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    A little background info, I am 24 and have been lifting hard for the last 4-5 years.I am 5'8" @ 192
    Right now my PR are
    Bench 290
    Squats 315 X 5
    Dead lifts 315 X 8

    Okay I Have learned quite a bit in my few weeks of research I ordered a research chem(for my rats of course). Looks like the cycle will go like this
    HDrol @ 0/50/75/75/75/75/75
    Preload 1 week with Hawthorn Berry and Milk Thisle
    CEL cycle Assist throughout Cycle 4 caps 3-4 hours after hdrol dose whatever is left after cycle I will run through PCT along with hawthorn berry and Milk thisle

    Tamox-Liquid @ 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/20/20/10/10
    ?????Test Booster???
    Additional supps
    Taurine- I will be drinking loads of water but just in case I get pumps
    Hawthorn Berry- For PCT and Preload stage
    Milk Thistle- For PCT and Preload stage
    Note* I really want to add a test booster to my PCT but there are so many mixed reviews on them.
    Also How does everything look? I have decided to go ahead and start my cycle near the end of AUG. My weight as of right now is around 190-192(Down from 200) and I am still lifting hard. Thanks in advance

  2. looks good man. you seem to have done all your research.

  3. You don't need the hawthorn berry and milk thistle. Read the ingredients on CEL's assist.

  4. The Extra Milk thistle and hawthorn berry is for the preloading and after the 2 bottle of cycle assist runs out during week 8. The Nolva is know to be a little harsh on the body as well so I figured I would run them through PCT rather than buy another bottle of cycle assist. Any opinions on a test booster during PCT?

  5. Im not sure you'd need one with Nolva, but Ive never used it. I'm fan of OTC OCTs and Clomid where a SERM is needed.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by crxlifer21 View Post
    Any opinions on a test booster during PCT?

    axis labs hypertest, myogenix hardcore test

  7. I will look into these today if I get a chance. Any other critiques on the cycle?

  8. the best advice i can give is have an extra bottle of h-drol on hand if you care to bump it up to 100mg a day. i ran it at 50/75/75/75/75/75 and it was not harsh at all. almost no sides. so im guessing that at 100 for the last week or 2 would have really put on another pound or 2 and leaned out more. either way man, looks good.

    btw, dont let the nolva touch your taste buds alone, it tastes horrible and doesnt seem to go away lol. mix it with something!!!!

  9. Thanks for the advice, I am going to keep it @ 75 though for the last 5 weeks. I am hoping to cut some fat and increase strength a little with this cycle. I dont think I mentioned it yet but I am currently stationed in Iraq and food quality is not the greatest but I think that I can eat clean enough to reach my desired results. Protein shakes will be a Great deal of my diet. I will also have a friend running the same cycle with me but he is lighter and more cut up 5'8 @ 152. He is trying to Bulk up to around 160-165 so his food intake will be set a little higher. We have decided to do the cycle around the End of August- Beginning of Sept. Anyone that has run Nolva as a PCT what other supplements do you recommend during the PCT phase? I will be using creatine( I am a firm believer in this supplement). but what else?

  10. Anyone else have any input on adding a test booster to my pct? I have ordered everything else already just looking for advice for PCT. Thanks

  11. What about throwing the STIM free Blue up in for PCT? Do you think it is worth it or will I be good with just Nolva?

  12. Bump for opinions on PCT

  13. I did this.

    H drol. 50/75/75/75/100/100/50----only took it for 4 days to taper down

    I stacked it with tren and ran life support while on the tren & halo. Once tren & life support ran out I just used milk thistle/Hawthorne/ fish-flax & cissus as support supps for h drol

    No issues here

  14. Basic PCT

    tamoxifen citrate 20/20/10/10
    testo booster (Prime is the best in my opinion)

  15. I guess you could go by how you feel regarding T-booster on PCT. Some say you can get by with OTC, others say SERM is a must.

    If you had the money for a T-booster, I would suggest something that has estrogen management properties such as ingredients found in CEL PCT Assist. Lastly, I think Bullet Proof would be a solid combo to add to PCT, which is what I plan to do.


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