Pre Contest Cycle

  1. Pre Contest Cycle

    Hey guys just thought I would through my precontest cycle on here for anyone looking for a cutting cycle. I use this cycle every year, and it does wonders for me, brings out incredible vascularity,pump, and cuts. I start this cycle 4 weeks out from a show

    HDROL 50/50/75/100(doses taken before training)
    AnimalCuts 1 pak in the morning on empty stomach do cardio, then another before workout.
    AnimalNitro 1 pak out of the bed, and another after training.

    of course I follow up with proper pct after show, nolva 4weeks at 40/20/20/20 sometimes even 20/20/20/20, also take testopro and load up on creatine.

  2. this is all you run pre-contest????

  3. Quote Originally Posted by HumpTheCook View Post
    this is all you run pre-contest????
    Lol, where is the tren ace??

  4. this all I need pre contest, my diet takes care of the rest.

  5. what kind of contest is this?

  6. bodybuilding

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pumpking View Post
    LOL thanks.

  8. I know it may not seem like alot to you guys, but my body responds well to this and my diet and training, and thats what bodybuilding is about, finding what works for you. This works for me.

  9. So heres a look at my precon diet, alot of people stick to fish for contest but I've found that my body responds well to steak, especially round eye. I follow this up to one week out then switch from sweet potato to white rice.

    Meal1 10 egg whites 1 cup oatmeal

    Meal2 10ozsteak sweet potato asparagus

    Meal3 10ozsteak sweet potato asparagus

    Meal4 10ozsteak sweet potato asparagus

    Meal5 10ozsteak sweet potato switch to broccoli

    Meal6 Iso-Whey before bed

    like I said 1week out switch from potato to white rice, follow that until 48hrs out then cut carbs, cut water 12-24hrs out, about a hour before going on I drink cranberry juice for the simple sugars, gives a good natural pump and help vasodialate. Then cheese cake after the show


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