Cycling for symetry... ideas & opinions needed please

  1. Question Cycling for symetry... ideas & opinions needed please

    Ok, decided that what I want for my body isnīt volume, symetry is the only thing that's going to give me the looks I'm after.

    Going to do test+eq+winny+dbol cycle in a few weeks, the cycle is going to be about 10 weeks long.

    My aim is locallized growth in some body parts and general increase in strength for the whole body. They way I've planned out my training is to hit the parts that need volume, hitting them on sunday and tuesday, then on thursday and friday do strength circuit training.

    Any ideas about how to maximize growth for those body parts. I was thought of running the dball for 6 weeks at 60mg on days I train my lagging bodyparts and 0-20mg on the rest of the week (no more than 200mg week).

    Looking into insulin on those training days, accompanied by 10g of cla, 1g ALA... I will be cycling my calories too, so on "volume days there will be insulin and carb+protein, and on non volume days hi-calorei hi-protein diet. Might end up not going into to many complications with the insulin and just opt for glucophage and/or glibinense (both affect insulin sensitivity in muscle and in fat...)

    My stats are
    175lbs 10% goal ---> 180lbs 6% with the symetry dont really want to go over that weight just want to make the package better. I've been @200 b4 and didnt like it, relized that I thought i was small because of symetry. Rear delts for example are lagging, dont really need any more growth on front and sides, upper peck is lagging too.

    It's been a while since I've updated myself on steroids and new trends, I'm just old-school true and tried. What the take for pgf2a? Was thinking of giving a few shots on lagging body parts to shock them and improve there insulin sensitivity.

    Any/all ideas and suggestions will be appreciated... havent decided anything for shure.
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  2. It all sounds silly to me.

    If you want a specific bodypart to grow, you gotta train that specific body part whether training natural or on drugs.

    You are thinking of trying some insulin huh? Like i said, it sounds silly.

  3. Symetry isn't a good reason to cycle these products, build good quality muscle and symetry comes...

  4. It all sounds silly to me.

    If you want a specific bodypart to grow, you gotta train that specific body part whether training natural or on drugs.

    You are thinking of trying some insulin huh? Like i said, it sounds silly.
    excuse me

    What makes you think I dont train for symetry all year round?
    ... does anything make you think I havent been trying to make those body parts in the past while not on a cycle (like 80% of the year)?

    Want volume there ASAP, could look sooooo much better without really growing that much!

    Btw I'm a bodybuilder second, strength athelete and martial artist first!

    If I want to grow in the future that another story but for the time being Ive decided to not grow until what I have right now is shredded and in the right proportions. Once Iīm happy with my bf% andmy symetry I can grow slowly and calmly... I'll always be looking my best for my bodyweight.

    The training plan is to hit each of these bodyparts twice per week, one of thes sessions will be for mass and the other for strength (hi volume with moderate weights and low volume with medium-max weights). The strength days will be push pull, with calves and quads for the push and hamstrings for the pull.

    -Bench Press

    -SLDL (stiff leg dead lifts)
    -Rear delt flys
    -Dorian Rows (reverse grip olimpic bar)

    Diet is going to be cleaner than ever. Its just my normal diet with loads of veggies, tuna, turkey and fruits + protein shakes (have always a bottle with me at all times wich I will be siping on all day every day).

    Training for mass will be push pull again but only that there will only be a decent amount of weight and volume on targeted exercises.

    Ideas please, how would you guys run my 8-10 weeker with cyp, eq, winny, dball... I have more than enough of all of them, will leave leftovers, for ptc I've got femara, arimi, hcg, nolva, cabergo (might get LH).



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