Hello guys,

I've been looking through this forum for about a month now. People here
seem to be extremly knowledgable about BB in general and about various
bulking/cutting cycles. So, I've decided to post some info about myself:

24yrs - 210 lb - 5ft 9in - 16% to 18% BF (not sure, will get calliper and
post exact specs later) - started lifting at 16 (on & off, to be frank
mostly off)

6 month ago looked in a mirror & got scared : -), since then started going to
the gym and have a good diet. Got excellent results bulking wise, however
need to slim down for summer.

I'm getting ready to lose some bodyfat (while hopefully maintaining the
muscle mass) and came up with an exercise/diet/supplement plan, however I
would love to get some opinions before I start.

It will be a 6 week cycle, goal is to lose 4% BF.

Mon - 15 min cardio; 45 min - back, biceps & forearm weight training
Tue - 45 min cardio
Wed - 15 min cardio; 45 min - chest, triceps & shoulders weight training
Thu - 45 min cardio
Fri - 15 min cardio; 45 min - legs & abs weighttraining
Sat or Sun - 45 min cardio


7:30am - oatmeal bar + yogurt = approx 350 cal
9:45am - apple or bananna = approx 100 cal
12:15pm - lunch (hard to plan here, so i'll just attempt to eat healthy) =
no more than 800 cal
3:30pm - protein shake (69 grams of protein) = approx 350 cal (1hr & half
before the workout)
6:30pm - protein shake (30-35gr of protein) + sugar (juice?) = approx 350
cal (right after the workout)
9:15pm - salmon + mashed potatos or corn or rice or similar = approx 600 cal

At least 200 grams of protein per day
Total: 2250 cal.


1 wk: Jump start w/ ECA, Multi-Vit, CLA, L-Tyrosine, V12 Turbo, OX

2-3wk: 25mcg Cytomel, 150mcg Clen, 30 mg Yohim. Hcl, Multi-Vit, CLA,
L-Tyrosine, V12 Turbo, OX

4-6wk: ECA, SAN T3, Multi-Vit, CLA, L-Tyrosine, V12 Turbo, OX, Vinpocetine
(for mood, continue for a month or two)

Well, that is it. Sorry for a lengthy first post, but I would really
appreciate you help. Feel free to comment on anything, no offense will be
taken. Once started, I'll post my progress log, with pics.