anadrol/dbol/stanoplex cyle

  1. anadrol/dbol/stanoplex cyle

    Ill start off by introducing myself... I'm Maximus...

    just wanted to see everyones thoughts on this cycle...

    Oxyplex (oxymetholone/anadrol) 50mg a day
    Methanoplex (methandienone/dbol) 50mg a day
    stanoplex (stanozolol) 20mg a day
    for about 6 to 8 weeks

  2. That's not a bad's handling the funreal arangements?

  3. That's not a bad cycle...who,s handling the funreal arangements?

  4. wouldnt run anadrol and dbol at the same time, and also it really seems like you should be running test with that cycle 10-12 weeks.

  5. whats up animal, whats up deadaim. Why wouldnt you run anadrol and dbol same time? I know they are both pretty strong orals... you think it might be too brutal??



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