First Winny Cycle

  1. First Winny Cycle

    Was planning on keeping it simple, 50/mg a day for 6 weeks.

    I plan on using a serm for this cycle, but would appreciate feedback on whether this is overcautious/absolutely necessary.

    Does anybody have any insight on stacking Winny with a PH like Tren or Halo?

  2. Winny will shut me down. Pretty much any AAS will shut you down. If you are shutdown (even if you don't think you are) you should run a PCT. What do you plan on doign for PCT?

    Honestly though, I will never run another oral only cycle again. Winny is hard on the joints, the hairline, the lipid profile, and most of all, your liver.

    Keeping a cycle simply is test only. Less sides, more gains. What's to lose?

  3. I've never run a true AAS. I've been anti-aas and stuck to PH's simply because of the reliability of the sources I knew I was obtaining PH's from. (maybe this is stupid but that was my philosophy).

    I want to run a recomp cycle, lean out. I ran a tren based product and have kept pretty much all my gains--I gained about 15 lbs of good muscle on the cycle and am now 6' at 210. I've been training hard for 6 years now and have played around boxing a little bit.

    The only reason I bring up winny is because its the first time its became available to me from a trusted source. Clen too. I know both are great for fat loss cycles and am trying to put something together.

    I have my PCT in line before my anabolic--thats ALWAYS my SOP. I have Nolva (Tamoxifen..okay my spelling might be off) and plan on running it at 40/40/30/20 with Cellucor's p6 Red which is a natural test booster. I have 6-bromo straight up, and also the old reversitol (which has ATD and 6 bromo) on hand if someone thinks those are must adds.

  4. Just so you know, it is a common misconception that winny is a fat loss AAS. Winny will NOT burn fat. All it will do is help retain muscle whilst cutting. If your natty test gets shut down though, storing fat and losing muscle will be more likely..

    Plus, your girlfriend won't be too happy.

  5. why won the girl friend be happy?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mr jonoi View Post
    why won the girl friend be happy?
    I think he meant that running winny solo would affect your libido. Its always a good idea to run test with any AAS.


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