Seeiong Doctor- Clomid or Foreston for this cycle?

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    Seeiong Doctor- Clomid or Foreston for this cycle?

    HEy guys, I am going to see my local Doctor tommorrow. I was curious what pct product i should get for this cycle- M-drol 20/20/20/20 epi 0/0/0/30/30/30 11 oxo- 0/0/0/0/450/450? Neither the M-drol or the epi armotases and I dont think 11 oxo does either soooo.....Should I go with clomid and just get inhibit e for estorgen???? Maybe Clomid inhibit e and a natty test booster towards the end of long should I do clomid for also? 4 weeks or six?

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    I actually ran Clomid, I-E, and Hypertest after a Epi/Tren/Furz-a cycle. Worked magic... 4 weeks on the Clomid... good luck brotha

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