Finaflex 1-Andro Log

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  1. Finaflex 1-Andro Log

    This is a new product that Redefine Nutrition came out with. I plan on running it as follows:

    Days 1-3: 2 Pills(110mg 3-hydroxy-5 alpha-androst- 1-en-17-one, 50mg DHB in each)

    Days 4-21: 3 Pills

    This is a rather short cycle, but i feel that increasing the dosage a little will provide more benefits.

    Workout Schedule:

    Sunday: Chest & Triceps
    Monday: Legs
    Wednesday: Shoulders
    Friday: Back & Biceps

    Starting Weight: 209

  2. Day 1

    So I originally planned on Sunday, but today was the day. I took 2 pills about 45 minutes before my workout.

    Positives: Kind of a different feeling, a focused kind of energy.
    Negatives: None.

  3. interested in seeing how this stuff works, im in.

  4. thanks for your support man! today is an off day from working out. just took the dose. will update later.

  5. Day 2

    As said above, no workout today, so can't really judge anything there.

    Positives: Nothing new.
    Negatives: Still None

  6. Day 3

    Split the doses. One at 6 a.m. and one at 12 p.m. before workout.

    My workout schedule throughout this week has been kinda messed up, due to one thing or the other. But today i did kind of a full body workout to compensate for what i may have missed. Will get back on regular schedule starting Monday, then doing legs Tuesday, since i worked out today.

    Positives: Muscle endurance is up. Was able to do 2 full sets of 225 X 10 for the first time. Very happy about that.

    Negatives: Still goin strong, none as of now.

  7. Nice gratz on the early PR man!

  8. thanks bro. so far so good.

    EDIT: I'll add some pics to here, i'm not exactly a bodybuilder, so i'm not very cut, workin on it though. Didn't take any before, but 3 days in isn't too bad

  9. Here they are
    Attached Images Attached Images    

  10. Day 4

    Sorry for no update, i was busy. Just a cardio day, nothing special. Nothing new. Monday (Today) is chest day and i'll give a thorough update later after my job interview and drug test.

  11. Day 5

    Chest Day. Still very early in the cycle, nothing spectacular yet.

    Positives: Arms are slightly more vascular.
    Negatives: None

  12. What's your planned PCT for this cycle?

  13. nolva 20,20,10,10.

  14. Day 7

    Figured i would update today because i just felt the first side effects. Libido is down and also i have had some pretty painful urinations recently.

  15. painful urinations doesnt sound too good. havn't really heard of anyone having that problem.

  16. pretty sure it was due to not drinking enough water. when i did, i was fine

  17. Day 10

    Positives: Still good increases on endurance. Can squeeze out those couple extra reps. More vascular.
    Negatives: So far, just painful urination at times, which is common with 1-andro. Other than that, as far as hair loss, maybe a very little if any.

  18. painful urination? burning in urethra or other? best be sure its not your prostate flaring up.

  19. Day 14 (for yesterday)

    So far, no significant strength increases. It does seem like I am leaning out around my midsection, as well as becoming more vascular in my arms while working out. Still very little sides. All is well.

  20. good to hear. i figured by 14 days you might see some strength gains. nice to hear you are leaning out though.

  21. I do see a little bit, but none worth jumpin for joy about, ya know? i may have added about 10 lbs to my bench, but nothin major.

  22. Painfull urination is a common side of 1-ad, especially the earlier formulas...drink lots of water

  23. Through Day 17

    Leaning out with nearly no sides. Next update will be at the end with an in-depth review.

  24. Well guys, it's over. Overall, I enjoyed the cycle because it was very mild on sides (painful urination and being lethargic) and helped me attain what I was trying to do (lean out while putting on some muscle). I can't really say my "strength" increased significantly, however, the amount of ease with which I did each set was much more noticable. Basically what I'm saying is, before the cycle, I could do 225 on bench around 13 times for a MAX. On cycle, I was doing sets of 225X10, and felt like i could have easily done more.

    So Finaflex 1-Andro boils down to this:

    Great for lean mass with increased muscle endurance and minimal sides. (Pics to follow)

    Not so great if you are looking for a dramatic increase in strength.

    It was a fun cycle, guys, and thank you for following my log.

  25. Are you getting any bloodwork done?


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