Cycle: cel mdrol, test prop, ephedrine/caffiene, cytomel (t3)

support supps: everything under the moon.; anabolic innovations life support, flush-free niacin, liv-52, policansol, NAC, vitamin d, vitamin c, ryr, coq10, b6, fish oil, evening primrose oil, glutamine, chondroitin/msm, cissius, lots of whey protein, multi-v, bulk-1 carboxy, and im sure a bunch of others im forgetting, had letro on hand that used once in awhile when needed, didnt need it very often, also had some dostinex that i used towards the end of the cycle.. also forgot to add i could get hcg till the end of the cycle =( ... so i used it the final 3 weeks of the cycle and thats it.. although it did its thing and helped me alot..

pct: clomid, clen(last 2 weeks), pramipexole for all of its fantastic benefits, muirama puama, fenugreek, maca, low dose dhea, fizogen off cycle(had this laying around for many years) lg sciences I-gh1, cialis(first 2 weeks), and im sure ill go to the store and by some other goodies contains Igh-1 contains:
GH Secretagogue Complex 760mg
-Arginine Pyroglutamate
-Ornithine AKG
-Mucuna Pruriens (standardized for 99% L-Dopa)
-Astragalus Membranaceus (root)

off-cycle contains:
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This was a cutting cycle, weight didn't matter to me, I was trying to cut body fat! Also i know this is kind of hard to do on a cut cycle but i was trying to gains strength too!

OK first off i did this cycle alot by how i felt.. i had the necessary ancillaries on hand, but i went by how my body felt in terms of deciding when to up doses(test, e/c, sd, t3) and when to lower them or come off certain compounds.

Cycle went like this:

18 days on mdrol, so 2.5 weeks.. i bridged this to the test prop.. to extend my cycle as well as to try the mdrol and make sure it was legit, i tried the A isomer superdrol before and wanted to compare sds... started test at the beginning of week 2.. started the e/c week 3, ran it week 3 and 4, then 2 weeks off, then back on the e/c start of weeks 7 as well as the start of the t3, ran t3 for 5 weeks (weeks 7-11) with superdrol thrown in again for the last 3 weeks! Also threw in hcg for the last 3 weeks

SO we have:
Weeks 1- 2.5 supedrol(m-drol) Dose= days 1-11 10mg, days 12-18 20mg
Weeks 2- 11 test prop Dose= 420 mg, (bumped to 525mg at week 8 thru the end of cycle to counter some muscle loss from t3)
Weeks 3- 4, 7-8 Dose = Ephedrine/ Caffiene either 1 or 2 servings of 25mg ephedrine/ 200mg caffeine
Weeks 7- 11: T3 Dose= ramped up to 100mcg and back down
Weeks 9-11 superdrol(m-drol) Dose= 10mg for one week and 20mg for 2 weeks
Weeks 9-11 HCG

also getting blood panel in terms of lipids, cMp, etc....done 2 weeks in to pct... then one month after pct i will get estroidal, free/total test, shbg.. etc

Starting weight: 202
Ending Weight: 209
Starting Body Fat: between 10.9 and 11.6 i get different bfs depending on what formula i use and which days i took measurements
Ending Body Fat: between 9.3 and 9.6
Starting Bench:
305 x 6/315 x 5
Ending Bench: 305 x 10/ 315 x 8.8(did a bunch of sets b4 and came an inch below lockout)
Starting squat: 405x 4
ending Squat: 405 x 8
gained a half inch on both arms.. a weak area for me

will finish updates later