Wreaking some Havoc Log

  1. Wreaking some Havoc Log

    Well I had a bad experience with my first go with PH's, I started M-Drol about a month or so ago and had to cut it short 4 days into it. I had some blood pressure issues and rather than risk doing damage I pulled the plug. I waited 3 weeks while taking Cycle Assist and Orange Triad and decided to try a Havoc cycle.

    I'm already into week 2 so I know I'm a little late with the log but I hear this is about when you really start to notice the difference.

    This is how I'm running everything:

    Havoc: 20/30/40/40
    Cycle Assist
    Orange Triad
    BCAA's, Glutamine, Fish Oil
    ON's Serious Mass

    Nolva: 20/20/10/10
    PCT Assist
    Cycle Assist
    Orange Triad
    KreAlk Creatine

    I'm on Day 15 right now and I'm taking 20mgs of Havoc in the morning which I have to do at work and 10mgs. early afternoon so it doesn't mess with my sleep. It is so difficult to sit here in front of a computer with this stuff pulsing through me! I want to get in the gym and tear it up. This feeling actually came with upping the dose to 30mgs a day. I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof...whatever that means.

    I haven't started feeling the aggression or "roid rage" (lol) yet but there isn't any lethargic feeling like I had on M-Drol so that's a relief to say the least. The libido is still high which my ex-girlfriend could tell you The biggest difference I've noticed so far is my shoulders and delts. They are way more cut and I keep getting complimented on them so that's always a nice little confidence booster. I've always had problems building my arms so I'm really concentrating on that for my first cycle.

    Everyone says that if you wanna gain 20lbs. then you have to eat like it so I'm eating like a frickin horse. I'm taking in 5000-6000 cals a day and about 400grams of protein. My stomach is always full and the grocery bills are piling up but hey if you want the mass then sacrifices must be made!!! So far I'm up 3 lbs. from my 189 starting point so things are starting slow but I'm determined to ramp it up. I'd say 205ish is a realistic goal but my ideal weight is around 220 but that is a bit of a reach for this cycle.

    I'm lifting 6 days a week and playing basketball 3 times a week for cardio. I'm only taking 1 day off because I want to get the most out of the short 4 weeks I have and I'm not playing around as they say.

    Well I'd like to say thanks to any and all followers in advance. If anyone has any questions, advice, or general comments feel free to chime in as I will try to update everyday if I can. Good luck and heavy lifting folks!

  2. Well I took a couple days off because my surgically repaired shoulder was giving me hell but I'm back on it now. I've noticed that i haven't gained any weight and I'm beginning to wonder why. I'm eating pretty clean all the time and I'm eating almost a full meal every 2 hours. I'd like to put on another 10lbs. but I don't know if it's possible on Havoc.

    I'd definitely say this is a performance enhancing drug lol. I played basketball in highschool and I haven't been able to dunk in about 5 years but now I'm throwing it down hard. I'm doing leg presses and calf presses and all my usual leg workouts but the Havoc has really decreased recovery time and I always feel fresh even though I'm lifting hard 6 days a week.

    I've started to feel more aggressive lately and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with Havoc but the stupidest things make me wanna argue and get mad. It's all good though, a little self control goes a long way. Just using all the anger in the gym.

    I'd say my main concern at this point is the lack of weight gain. I heard you should put on lean muscle which it looks like I'm doing but it's not showing on the scale. If anyone has any input on that subject I'd appreciate it. I would put up some pictures but my post count is too low so if anyone is interested and can post them let me know.

    Libido is still very high which has done nothing but good for me and i have noticed some slight testicle shrinkage. After 17 days in I'm not too worried. No gyno or acne flare ups at all so I'm pleased about that. I have had some painful back pumps but nothing that isn't tolerable.

  3. nice man. for the back pumps taurine will fix that right up. as far as not seeing weight gain i dont know what to tell ya. if you really are taking in 5000 calories there should be no reason not to see the weight start to pack on. Maybe you are losing bodyfat and gaining the same amount of muscle lol. just kidding dude.

    how has your strength been? big increases? marginal? keep up the good work man. also, what was your starting bf % ?

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