Deca 300 & Testosterone Propionate Cycle

  1. Deca 300 & Testosterone Propionate Cycle


    I am a 5ft 11in, 215lb bodybuilder (9.2% BF) who has been training for about 10 years and now want to run my first cycle in an attempt to gain around 10lbs of additional muscle.

    I plan on using 400mg of Deca 300 and 200mg of Test weekly for 8 to 10 weeks. I understand that the Deca can shut me down hard and have a PCT plan for post cycle.

    I would like any thoughts on the stack before I begin and to get an idea of what to expect in the way of gains and side effects. Any help is much appreciated!


  2. First thing to note......test dosages should typically be higher than any other product you're running with it.

    Also, 8-10 weeks is too short for deca, since it takes quite awhile to kick in. On that note, test E or cyp would be a better option, if you do in fact extend the cycle a little bit longer, to save from having to pin as much with test prop.

  3. Good advice UNC, so would switching the doses to 400 test and 200 deca make more sense and then go for 12 weeks?

  4. Definitely. That cycle outline looks alot better.

  5. My mate ran 400 test e and 200 deca not too long ago and he put on some decent size . Just Follow a good pct and you should be fine . Defo go for test e rather than prop if you can get hold of it that

  6. Thanks guys, that helps a great deal!

  7. Keep us updated with what you decide mate

  8. Okay so I've decided to go with 400mg Deca weekly and 200mg Test every other day for 12 weeks. Does that sound about right? I have everything I need and will start the cycle this Monday. I will post before and progress info and pics as I go along.


  9. After a lot of thought and research I have decided on the following cycle.

    Test - 600mg/wk
    Deca 300- 300mg/wk

    and to run the cycle for 12 wks.

    I also have Arimidex and Clomid. Am I correct that I should be taking the arimidex during the cycle to modify estrogen levels and Clomid starting about 2 wks after the last shot? I really want to get this right and appreciate your help and advice.


  10. Yeah take the clomid two weeks after last jab mate as for dosage each person will tell you differently I'm goin for 100mg Ed for first 2 week then 50mg for a further two

  11. I thought I would provide an update on the cycle progress.

    One and a half weeks into the cycle now. 800mg Test Prop and 300mg Deca 300 weekly.

    Over the past 7 days my BW has gone from 210 to 219lbs while BF is still at 8.9%

    All the major lifts are progressing nicely. I am in the second week of a HIT training cycle so the volume is moderate with very near maximal weights. As an example, my bench today felt very easy with the last working set being 320lbs for 6 reps and was not to failure even though I have been fighting a nasty cold the past few days.

    I will continue to post updates on progress and load some pics as well. Thanks for all the advice guys!


  12. sub'd... good luck

  13. I am in week 3 of the cycle and everything is going well, really hungry and very strong but do get sleepy a lot. I have added .5mg of Anastrol (Aridimex) ED, just to be on the safe side and am mapping out my PCT way ahead of week 12. The following is what I am planning. Any advice or criticism is very welcome. I began at 210 and am now at 223lbs with bf still at 9%

    - Continue Test Prop 200mg EOD for one week after the last Deca300 shot.
    - Begin Clomid 100-150mg ED for 4-6weeks
    - Proviron 50mg ED for 4-6 weeks

    Would there be any benefit to continuing the Anastrol beyound the last shot?



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