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    2010 Newbie here I'am pumped gentlemen .... Hi how you doin' everybody ?

    I got a couples of question and I know it will be sounds like stupids but I prefer came here before hurt myself with some sh.t .

    I'm 200 lbs and I started five years ago hit hard in the gym but last year I used all kinds of PH and I gained good results personally but now I would give a me new gear for myself ... it's mean I wanna entered in the AAS's field .

    I hate all kind of injections ( kids trauma ... sorry maybe one day ) and I was lookin for the oral stuff like Dbol and Turinabol togheter like first stack and I know two orals are not good for the liver but I'm askin' if there's somebody here who already used this two stacks and what kind of results he gets ?

    The Anadrol I konw is a powerful oral and maybe ( that's why I'm here ) is not reccomended for a first cycle at the beginning , isn't it guys ?

    Other golden newbie question can I stack an oral one with a PH like superdrol or halodrol or it's a waste of time ?

    Last Newbie question for today is '' I'm sure that I'll use the Dbol for a first stack and what kind of different orals can I stack using the Dbol except the Turinabol and Anadrol 50 .

    Thanks Guys
    Have a nice day

  2. Read a book for starters. You will realize that all AAS products stem from one thing. TESTOSTERONE. Inject-able testosterone is king, hands down. I can recommend "Anabolics 2009" to you by William LLewellyn, it is available as a bit torrent btw in adobe format so it's essentially free.....
    I am taking dbol now and did actually consider taking it as a standalone. But then I read and researched, sucked up the fact that I didn't want to pin myself and weighed my risk/benefits. To me it is worth it because I have specific goals in mind. So i decided to run Test-Enanthate with it.

    But if you must run oral only I say run Superdrol. That stuff is wicked.

  3. Ok thanks if I need more questions I'll came back

  4. you will be a lot happier if u run dbol and pin test e. I know it sounds bad but its ur ass and leg lol. You would be ok

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