Trifecta stack or H-drol

  1. Trifecta stack or H-drol

    Hey guys, posted this over in anabolics too. name's brad. new here, and so far, this is such a more helpful forum than over at anyway, looking to possibly start up either LG's trifecta stack, or CEL's H-drol. Now i know they're two completely different compounds, but I"m just looking to get some good feedback and true feedback since you cant trust online reviews these days. ive heard solid results from trifecta, obviously a bit safer, and great results from h-drol. It would be my first "real" cycle of anything except for methyl 1-D which im on right now and results seem solid. about a 4lb gain in 3 weeks, and about a 1/4" gained on about every bodypart. So any feedback or tips you guys recommend, just throw them out there. Again, thanks guys, and awesome forum.

    also, pretty advanced training wise. Been serious for a little over a year now

  2. which did you end up picking? I'm in the same dilemma right now and am leaning towards h-drol. Had a buddy who took it and said he absolutely loved it. also heard some great things about trifecta too. HELP!!!!!

  3. Hdrol if you're serious about making gains, trifecta if you wanna get your feet wet before jumping into the pool. Hdrol takes my vote. You get way more bang for your buck with it too.

  4. what would you recommend for PCT? im on a somewhat of a type budget but i want to make sure i have the pct before i buy the hdrol so im not screwed towards the end of my cycle

  5. if budget is the problem you're in luck lol a SERM is cheaper than any OTC PCT if you look hard enough. Get nolva.

  6. H drol all day. The trifecta wont do **** compared to 75mg of H drol. Get 2 bottles of it, run it 50-75-75-75-75-50.

    PCT= SNS inhibit E, Reduce XT, whatever natural T booster you like.

  7. Trifecta stack if your a beginner and getting easy gains. Oh, and have money for a placebo effect.

    H-Drol- You our at a plateau and really need a boost of a little something to get to the next level. Light and mild but still effective and has a few sides for some users...

  8. Dont take trifecta its worthless. I ran it hard, and received zero results and ate big, except acne, irritable, headaches and a queezy stomach all the time from the yohimbe. And im not trolling reps. i have my receipt still.


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